Welcome to Nouse!

We are the University of York’s oldest student group, established in 1964. Since we were founded, we have produced award-winning student journalism and the next generation of leading York graduates. Whether you have had an interest in furthering a career in journalism, want to build invaluable skills and rewarding experiences outside of your degree, or just simply form friendships and work as part of a motivated team - you have come to the right place.

Nouse is a community of writers, editors, photographers, designers, illustrators, and so much more. Nouse has the largest committee on campus (there is around 60+ of us) and there is something for everybody. You do not need any prior experience in either journalism or editing - the only thing you will need is passion, the ability to learn new skills, and dedication.

We have sections in Nouse including:

  1. News (the chance to report on local, campus and nation-wide student focused news - if you’re looking to be a journalist this is the place for you! You could have the opportunity for professional media law training, interview opportunities and the ability to learn proper investigative journalism.) nouse.co.uk/news
  2. Sport (If you’re a lover of all things sports this is where you need to be - Sport gives you the chance to report on campus and national sports across the board. We also have a section called ‘Sport Comment’ wherein you can express any sports-related opinions you may have) nouse.co.uk/sport
  3. Comment (Have you got an opinion on something either national or campus based? This is the place for you! In the past we have had articles ranging from Vegan sausage rolls and geese to political affairs and human rights issues - the range and diversity of the comment section is its crowning jewel) nouse.co.uk/comment
  4. Science (Are you fascinated by some new scientific discoveries and want to share them with the rest of the student body? Well, why not write for Nouse Science and gain the ability to report on anything scientific!) nouse.co.uk/science
  5. Politics (Want to be a political journalist? This is the place for you. Our wide-ranging politics section gives you the ability to report on local politics, national politics as well as politics from across the globe.) nouse.co.uk/politics

These sections make up what we call ‘main paper’ - which is similar to that of a usual broadsheet newspaper.

If this isn’t your style, why not check out Nouse’s younger sibling, Muse?

Muse is our cultural section of the paper and includes the sections:

  • Arts (A look at art, literature, theatre and performance, with regular reviews and features covering everything from international bestsellers to campus performances.) nouse.co.uk/muse/arts
  • Features (Our broadest section, comprising long form pieces with a specific cultural focus. These could be interviews with artists or musicians, in depth discussions of literature or more personal pieces of contributor’s hands-on experiences.) nouse.co.uk/muse/features
  • Film and TV (This one does what it says on the tin - this is where you will find all of our reviews of film and television, both new releases and fresh takes on classic media.) nouse.co.uk/muse/film
  • Travel (Share your travel stories, whether they are local or further afield. This is the section where contributors can provide summaries of interrailing trips, UK staycations or simply day trips in and around Yorkshire.) nouse.co.uk/muse/travel
  • Music (Reviews, features and more opinion focused pieces make up our music section, covering a diverse range of music from across the spectrum.) nouse.co.uk/muse/music
  • Fashion (From news straight from the runway, to style guides and broader discussions about ethical fashion or street style, Fashion is for anyone interested in fashion or streetwear.) nouse.co.uk/muse/fashion
  • Shoot (Are you a budding photographer or just someone who has an interest in fashion and style? Each edition our team put together a photoshoot themed around a particular style, theme or concept.) nouse.co.uk/muse/fashion/the-shoot
  • Gaming (From reviews of the latest video games, to retrospective pieces looking at classic games and consoles, Gaming covers not only video games but also board games and ESports.) nouse.co.uk/muse/gaming
  • Food & Drink (Our Food & Drink team compile recipes, restaurant reviews and longer features to help students with cooking inspiration and also in navigating the food scene here in York.) nouse.co.uk/muse/food-drink
  • It doesn’t matter what you are interested in or how much experience you have: we want you! It is never too late to get involved, and you won’t regret it.

    How to get involved

    Joining Nouse is easy! You can get involved at any time and no experience is required. The first thing to do is buy a membership on the YUSU website, which can be purchased here. Membership entitles you to submit content for print editions and any online articles you wish to write.

    The second thing to do is join the main Facebook group here, and follow us on social media using the links in the header to find out when our elections are being held.

    Each section of the paper has its own dedicated editorial team. You can contact the team for each section via social media or email. The email address for each section is ‘X@Nouse.co.uk’ (i.e. ‘politics@Nouse.co.uk’ or ‘science@Nouse.co.uk’). Check the ‘Meet the Team’ page on the website for the personal emails of individual editors here.

    If you’d like to be on the team, then come along to our casual elections that we host after the first print edition of our paper each year in October (again, follow our Facebook page to keep informed on dates and times here). Or, you can come along to our by-elections that we host if positions become available on the team throughout the year.

    Alternatively, you can just write for us without working for a specific section on the team. There are some great writing opportunities to interview interesting people and organisations, gain press access to review theatre performances, write sport coverage, trial new places, foods and whole hosts of events, or even write opinion based articles too. The opportunities that come with student journalism are not to miss!

    The structure of how we make our content

    Our content is split between our printed newspaper and our website. Content can be published online at any time. Nouse is the only newspaper at York that prints multiple times each term: three times in terms one and two and twice in term three, totalling eight times a year. We also make some exciting print supplements throughout the year, including London Fashion Week, Roses and the YUSU elections.

    We spend just over a week producing each printed edition, which we call a 'prod week'. All new editions are released on a Tuesday, with prod weeks beginning nine days prior, on a Sunday. Our MUSE culture sections are produced first, followed by the “main paper” sections.

    For each prod week, there are two prod meetings at which content is pitched for the edition. The MUSE prod meeting usually occurs on the Friday before prod week begins, eleven days before release, with the main paper prod meeting occurring on the first Monday of prod week, eight days before release.

    All members, as well as anybody interested in joining the paper, are welcome to attend these meetings to suggest ideas and get involved. Keep an eye on the Facebook groups to find out meeting times and don’t be afraid to just turn up and introduce yourself!

    Any more questions?

    We hope you will decide to get involved with York’s oldest and greatest student group! If you have any further questions about the paper and how to get stuck in, don’t hesitate to get in touch via social media or by emailing ‘editor@nouse.co.uk’. Joining Nouse may well be the best decision you make while studying at York!