The Perfect 'Gilmore Girls' Winter Wardrobe: A Guide


Dhuha Usman (she/her) shares tips to achieve the ultimate 'Gilmore Girls' inspired wardrobe this season

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Image by dvdcollectionsale

By Dhuha Usman

It wasn’t long ago that I started my annual rewatch of Gilmore Girlsand rediscovered just how much I love the fashion. I have this revelation every year, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. As soon as the clocks go back, it’s the universe’s sign for a hot tea (or coffee in true Gilmore Girls style) and an episode of everyone’s fa-vourite cosy programme. The big jumpers, skirts and boots are the pinnacle of autumn-winter fashion. The sheer amount of low rise denim and early noughties trends define Gilmore Girls and encapsulate everything I look forward to in winter. As the leaves increasingly change, I am seeing lots of people creating their winter ward-robe based on the fashion we see in the show. I see comments on TikTok complimenting people’s outfits because they’re so ‘Gilmore Girlscoded’ and the quest to find THE Rory Gilmore jumper is a serious battle for the fashion girls among us. The pair have marked fashion in the later months of the year, it is impossible to scroll Pinterest for autumn-winter outfit inspiration without seeing a plethora of Lorelai and Rory images. From denim mini-skirts and cowboy boots, to the infamous cream cable knit ‘Rory jumper’, the iconic duo have you covered once again to see you through to the spring in style.

Whilst I won’t go into detail of how deeply infuriating I find Rory Gilmore, she has an im-pressive jumper collection. Her preppy vibes are an ode to light academia, dark academia’s more low-key counterpart. What draws us all to Rory is her notorious oversized, ‘Gilmore Girlsin an outfit’ jumper. The rolled over neckline, hugely oversized sleeves and mid-thigh length of the jumper are everything dreams are made of. Rory pairs her jumper with a pair of straight leg 90s' style jeans but a black mini skirt would also pair perfectly with some tights and boots. Not only is this classically stylish, it’s comfortable and practical for the weather. For those who aren’t so into mini skirts, a denim maxi or midi skirt would also work, an ode to the early noughties denim obsession whilst still being in season. Your classic high-top Converse would add a Rory edge to this outfit but as a Lorelai fan (and an even bigger Dolly Parton fan), I think a pair of black cowboy boots would add something special to this outfit. Here me out, there is something about wearing cowboy boots that makes you feel on top of the world, and what is fashion if it doesn’t make you happy? This being said, I wouldn’t wear cowboy boots to drop my daughter off on her first day at private school (if you know, you know). You could also throw on a pair of mini UGG boots to chime into the nostalgic yet also trendy vibe of this year’s winter style. Back to the jumper, H&M are currently sporting a few different variations similar to Rory’s. They vary from £17.99 to £37.99. This being said, the 2000s fashion of Gilmore Girlsmeans that lots of similar fashion can be found second hand, kinder to our student bank accounts and more environmentally friendly. Type in ‘oversized cable knit jumper’ to the likes of Depop or Vinted to see your Gilmore potential, or have a rum-mage through the charity shops! You are bound to find this staple jumper at a bargain.

Lorelai’s inherent coolness does not stop with her humour and sarcasm, it infiltrates her wardrobe too. Her style is eccentric and varied, from crisp white shirts and sweater vests to baby tees and an impressive jacket collection. When I think of Lorelai, it has to be her amazing ‘jeans and a nice top’ collection. Starting with Loreali’s more casual tops, her baby and slo-gan t-shirts are fun and something easy to throw on with jeans or even skirts to make them a bit more dressy. ASOS are sporting a good range of slogan and baby t-shirts, starting as low as £8.50 in the current sales. Now to the more exciting part, Loreali’s multitude of what I would describe as ‘cute tops’, a collection I am insanely jealous of. Lots of these tops have a vintage nightwear feel to them, you could try looking in these departments or as I’ve mentioned, have a good rummage through the charity shops. The Y2K mood of Lorelai’s tops are guaranteed to be in the bargain baskets or on second-hand online shops. Pairing any of these tops with a warm scarf, an effortless black leather jacket or blazer and a bouncy blowdry (or a quick updo with a claw clip or headband for that ‘I’ve just run out the door to grab a coffee from Luke’s in my perfect small town’ charm) and you will be mirroring Loreali with endless amounts of style and class.

All in all, the Gilmores' autumn and winter fashion is all about being cosy, classy and com-fortable. They wear staple pieces and style them in a way that suits their personalities. I am sure you have many pieces similar to Rory and Lorelai sitting in your wardrobe already, the Y2K trends at the minute bode quite well to taking inspiration from the pair’s fashion. Ultimately, have a bit of fun with your winter fashion, if Gilmore Girls shows us anything, it’s that there is no such thing as a boring jumper.