York Women's Rugby 1’s thrive in game against Lancaster


York's impressive performance secures a 43 - 12 win

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Image by Florence Head

By Florence Head

With York reigning over the rugby this weekend, the pressure was on for the women’s first team. They were the last rugby match to play this weekend and straight after the men’s first team who stormed Lancaster’s Reds. As the teams ran onto the pitch through their tunnels, the crowd was going crazy. If York won this match it would be a clean sweep of the rugby!

The game started shakily with a couple of knock ons from York resulting in a penalty for Lancaster five minutes in. The rugby balls were flying everywhere with some amazing kicks, this did mean a lot of them ended up in the stream. Another penalty for Lancaster was given, however, York quickly turned this around by scoring their first try, 11 minutes into the game! Even though there was no conversion on this one, another try was gained swiftly afterwards by number 10. Jess, the captain of the first team (and it was her 21st birthday today!) scored 12 - 0 to York by making the conversion.

Lots of passes from the side within the scrums showed that York was on fire. A huge kick from York was caught by Lancaster’s number 14. As the two teams chased each other up the pitch, Lancaster was awarded a penalty. At 1.26pm, Lancaster scored their first try to make the score 12 - 5 overall. A few tackles off their feet were followed by yet another amazing try from York’s number 12! The game was moving quickly but this third try of the game with a conversion meant the score was 19 - 5 to York. However, just before half-time - Lancaster scored another try with conversion making the score 19 - 12.

Both teams huddled within their circles as they braced themselves for the second half. Some amazing tackles and runs from both of the ladies teams were on display today. A scrum resulted in York getting the ball, however they weren’t very straight in their lines. York managed to hold up the ball as they headed right down the pitch to another try! At 2pm, the score was 24 - 12 to York. Another scrum was followed by some high kicks from Lancaster which landed in the arms of York. A brilliant tackle from York’s number 3, led to two tries for York in ten minutes! One with conversion meant that Holly could get around with a try to make the score 36 - 12 at 2.24pm.

The game was almost over but the crowd hadn’t died down on both sides of the pitch. Signs, suits and screaming meant both teams were fighting till the last moment. One last knock on was followed by the last try of the game scored again by player number 12, Holly with a conversion! This meant the final result was 43 - 12 to York. Well played ladies and an incredible clean sweep of the rugby games!

Both of these teams have been on a drinking ban for over a month so the air was filled with champagne popping all over the 22 Acres. Players streamed onto the pitch and both teams warmly shook each other's hands. That’s a wrap from rugby at Roses 2023.