A tie of 1-1 in the men’s 2s indoor hockey


York ties with Lancaster in Men's 2s indoor hockey as Lancaster scores within the last ten seconds.

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Image by Evie Winter

By Evie Winter

The game consists of four quarters, ten minutes each. There are boundaries around the edges of the pitch, except at the goal ends, so the ball stays in play as much as it can. Players are only allowed to push and deflect the ball - not hit - unless in the shooting circle, trying to score a goal.

York started the match with it being their centre pass. The better part of the first quarter was spent passing the ball between the defence. In the first three minutes, a green card is issued to a York player, after they fouled a Lancaster midfield player in a nasty tackle. This meant that a penalty was set up for Lancaster, giving them the first chance of scoring in the game. They missed the shot, but only just. York then went on to score a goal with three minutes left in the quarter, warranting huge applause from the York crowd. York kept possession for the remainder of the quarter. There was another penalty for Lancaster, but they did not score.

The second quarter opened with an immediate turnover by York, and they attacked the goal again. The Lancaster goalie made a lovely save and fended off the mounting attack efficiently. This quarter had a lot of fouls for the York team, with players smacking the ball and the referee did not miss a beat, breaking up play quite heavily. A Lancaster midfield player is sent off for fouling a York player. No points scored this quarter.

The third quarter had a more interesting story. It started with a free pass for York after a Lancaster player knelt down right by the goal. York gets a penalty, a chance to score. Unfortunately, they didn't make it, but there was some serious battling for the goal, making for a very exciting watch! In the end, they didn’t manage to score, and the only result of the carnage was a dramatic fall, and a call for the physio. The rest of this quarter saw the medics on the pitch, there was not much more play.

The fourth quarter was initially not too eventful, I think York was just focused trying to defend their one-goal lead, rather than opening their attack on Lancaster. In the final 16 seconds, a York player is sent off, the crowd outraged at the ref’s decision. Then in a final push from Lancaster, they scored in the last ten seconds! It was such an exciting end to the match, causing absolute chaos in the stands. It was a great game, with both teams performing well.