A Speedy Victory for Lancaster Men’s 1's Indoor Hockey


One point for Lancaster in the Men's Indoor Hockey

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By Chris Stapleton

As the match begins at 12:17 Lancaster emerges, initially defensive, with strategy.  Lancaster continued to pass back and forth around their goal, luring York into a false sense of security, before scoring their first goal.

This goal from Lancaster triggered a surge of energy from York, who not long after score a goal of their own taking the game to a tie. Despite this, possession finds itself immediately back with the Lancaster players who push forward.

At 12:21 the York team sends the ball along the wall, giving the ball to Lancaster. Soon after, Lancaster gained a short corner which allows them to attain their second goal at 12:24.

At 12:24, following Lancaster’s goal, York gained their own penalty in the form of a penalty flick, which was saved by Lancaster’s keeper. At 12:28, Lancaster also gained a penalty flick, which in contrast they score. The game pauses for half time with the score at 4-1 to Lancaster.

All the while, both teams are faced by chants and insults from the crowd, the arena filled with a tense atmosphere due to Lancaster’s dominating, and soon to be winning, total Roses score.

Almost immediately, at the beginning of the second half, Lancaster scores 5-1, followed by a goal from York less than a minute after. At 12:48 York scores again with 5-3, seeming to make a comeback.

This hope of a comeback is short lived however with Lancaster’s aggressive tactics taking multiple shots on goal. Finally, at 12:54, one of these shots, from player 21, lands, changing the score to 6-3.

York however, does not give up the match, scoring another goal of their own which brings the game to 6-4. In the games closing minutes, both teams play aggressively to win, one York player almost striking a Lancaster player over the head with his stick, until eventually time runs out at 13:04, Lancaster winning 6-4.