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York 2's sailing team devastates Lancaster in a decisive victory

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Image by Evie Winter

By Evie Winter

In the first race, York didn’t manage to make it to the start line and Lancaster stormed ahead. Lancaster 1-2 up to the first mark, York chased them around the course but didn’t manage to catch up. At the end of the race, the result was a loss for York with a 3-4-5 position.

The second race was an amazing show of strength from York, with Charlotte Jones leading the pack in first place. York was holding a very hopeful 1-4-5 position, on the cusp of a winning result. With Charlotte in first place throughout the race, she had the opportunity to compress the fleet, helping the team finish with an ideal 1-2-3 finish.

The third race for the second team started really strong for York, with first position held around mark one. A notable manoeuvre, forcing Lancaster boats wide around mark two. This pushed the York team into a 1-2 lead, which they then held for the remainder of the course.

The fourth race was similar to the third race, York started with a 1-3-4 position. There was certainly more tension between teams, with Lancaster well-aware of the stakes this race held. York forced Lancaster wide around mark three, and sailed away with an easy win. The second team decisively beat Lancaster.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun.