A strong fight to a draw in Women’s 2's Hockey


One point to both teams in the Women's 2's Hockey

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Image by Hannah Boyle

By Hannah Boyle

Starting out strong, both York and Lancaster teams were ready to fight for the win. A game of many short corners and with two warning cards issued, the match did not disappoint. The packed sidelines included York and Lancaster supporters, with hand painted posters cheering each team on from the sidelines.

York started the first half strong with solid possession of the ball, pushing back against Lancaster and making a play for the goal. With Lancaster defences in full form, however, it proved difficult for York to ensure success early on.

Short corners appeared to be the popular penalty of choice following fouls within the striking semi-circle, with several being awarded to both squads in the first half – the most being six awarded to Lancaster in a row.

After each short corner the tensions were on, with the ball inches away from making a difference to the score. Each one was tightly fought, with the goal well defended by York and Lancaster, pushing back against the attack.

York put in significant effort to approach the Lancaster end, pushing hard to get their ball down the line, with Lancaster defence engaging in well timed interventions, slipping the ball back to their own players and changing the pace of play.

At half time, the energy was positive – with York continuing their 1-0 lead. With each team in their respective huddles, it was time to take stock of the remaining time and decide how to play in the second half. Taking the chance to speak to supporters during half time, Nouse asked York student supporter Lauren Lunberg about her experiences watching the match. Lauren said “I’m loving it. The girls are doing great, I’m very proud.”

And the second half did not disappoint, with each team coming back fighting to secure the lead they desperately wanted over the other, with more short corners awarded right up to the wire, with the last one only six minutes before full time.

With four minutes left, at 13:34 Lancaster evened the field with a well taken shot at the goal, securing the game into a draw between both teams. Now, those final minutes were all to play for. York pushed back, running with the ball to the end of the pitch and fighting for a chance at the goal. Lancaster defended well, pushing back and ensuring they were not once again on the backfoot.

With each team hoping for a win, the final minutes were full of slight pushes, gains and losses on each side until the whistle finally blew – it was a draw.

The teams came together to congratulate each other on their well fought draw, with the majority of the game spent pushing for marginal gains and securing slight advantages. The crowds remained supportive, cheering both York and Lancaster on as they left the field.

Overall it was a well fought game, with every goal well deserved and strong camaraderie evident amongst all players.