Narrow loss for York in the Women’s Indoor Ultimate Frisbee


Heather Gosling (She/her) reports from York Sports Centre on the Roses 2023 Women’s ultimate frisbee

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Image by Ben Jordan

By Heather Gosling

Ultimate frisbee teams are made up of six players. The rules being that no player can walk or run with the frisbee. Points are scored by players throwing the frisbee to a player in the ‘end zone’. The teams swap end zones after each point. The defending team takes possession if the opposing team makes a throw and the frisbee is not caught, lands on the floor, or goes ‘out of bounds’.

There was strong support for both teams at the Women’s Indoor Ultimate Frisbee. The York Men’s team, who played the previous match, cheered the Women’s team on with the York chant. The Lancaster ‘fish chant’ was chanted by the Lancaster team which seemed to be motivating them. During the warm up, both teams showed excellent team spirit and enthusiasm before the game began.

The game starts. York takes possession early on in the match and scores in the first few minutes of the game. York scores again, taking the score to 2-0 and the team showed good momentum. The crowd held signs, chanting, and boosting the team’s motivation.

Lancaster gained possession, and scored their first point. A few minutes pass, and it is now neck and neck with Lancaster scoring a second point. The overall score becoming 2-2. Both teams worked effectively showing consistently good team spirit and communication when making passes. It has been an exciting game so far, and the atmosphere is tense.

Excellent defence from the York team, however some of the overhead passes made by the Lancaster team cut into the York defence lines. York scores with an incredibly fast pass, taking York into the lead with a score of 3-2. Lancaster brings it to neck and neck again by swiftly scoring another point.

With ten minutes of game time remaining, both teams score another point. Both teams are playing brilliantly and some impressive passes have been seen. It is still anyone’s game. A brilliant score from Wilson in the York team. The crowd is still showing their support throughout the match by cheering on their respective teams. Lancaster took possession of the frisbee, scoring two points in quick succession. The score is now 7-4.

The final minutes of the game. The atmosphere was tense, York spectators hoping for the York team to pull it back against an impressive Lancaster team. As the game drew to a close, Lancaster secured a further two points. The last two minutes of the game. The York team, showing strong determination,  scored a point taking the score to 7-5. The final score is 8-5 with Lancaster scoring the last point. An impressive show of sportsmanship is shown at the end of the game with each player congratulating and shaking hands with the other team.