Einstein's creativity


By Findlay Milne (He/Him)

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Image by Pexels

By Findlay Milne

I do not have to create anything
when I look at you, for I have seen you
many times before you came into view.

I heard you in every conversation
I never got to have with anyone,
in each awkward silence after a pun,

in every new soft pop song I heard played
on the radio that compared something
or someone to the sun, or joy, or spring.

I saw you peering in every window
as if you could afford to buy a dress
then do the hour trek back to your address,

in every autumnal walk through the park
where I saw not one person stop to catch
a plush, pirouetting piece of tree's thatch.

I felt you in every baby that stopped
crying when it noticed a stranger wave
at it, with a broad grin and teeth unlaved,

and every couple shout at each other
while walking down a busy street as if
no one could see their stupid lover's tiff.

I touched you in the spine of every book
that I curled firmly around my fingers
while I watched as the world moved and lingered,

in every piece of warm bread I lathered
with the butter I could lay my hands on
just to watch it melt until it was gone.

I do not have to create anything
when I look at you because you are just
conspicuous in your absence – august.