UYNC 3s at the top of their game


York Women's Netball 3's emphatically beat league leaders Northumbria

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Image by Ben Jordan

By Evie Winter

UYNC 3s faced an initially intimidating challenge from Northumbria University, who were at the top of the BUCS league.

The first quarter started nervously from both teams - UYNC unsure of what to expect from Northumbria, currently residing at the top of the league. A missed shot from York, on their centre pass, resulted in an immediate opportunity for Northumbria to bring the ball into their attacking third - creating panic on court - Northumbria proving themselves as worthy opposition. Quick turnovers of centre passes for York, alongside strong defence, meant that Northumbria was finding it difficult to bridge the growing goal difference.

York GD (Harris) made a beautiful interception, giving York the opportunity for a relaxed passing order all the way to the GS (Borlos), securing a lead for York. Towards the end of the first quarter, Northumbria was feeling the pressure and started to ramp up the aggression, creating an exciting battle in the shooting third. Passes back and forth between the WA (Forsdick) and C (Lauder), meant that communication and flawless foot-work would prove imperative to create an opportunity for the shooters to maintain their strong lead.

The final minute of the quarter tested York’s ability to remain level-headed. Their relaxed play throughout the court was true testament to this and they conceded no goals in this fast-paced part of the quarter. The first quarter concluded in a strong 14-7 lead for UYNC.

The second quarter started with a determined Northumbria, hoping to level the score in this quarter with their renewed energy. They were off to a strong start, proving there was no room for complacency in the UYNC defence. However, the quarter soon took a turn as York’s defensive third tightened their marking and increased pressure on the attack. York’s Harris (GD), Bros-comb (GK) and Lauder (WD) worked as a cohesive unit in the defensive third, forcing a series of long balls from Northumbria. York did not hesitate to take advantage of this, and chased down the ball soon to be delivered to the shooters.

The result of the second quarter was 24-13 to UYNC. The third quarter: teams reorganised, revitalised and newly inspired by a healthy ten minute pep-talk from captains. Once again, Northumbria proved their position at the top of the league table, with a noisy start, making excellent interceptions and intimidating goals scored. However, York picked up their pace and managed to break a Northumbria centre pass, allowing them to breathe a sigh of relief.

Later in the quarter York WD (Arevelo) made an impressive interception of a Northumbria centre pass - despite being doublemarked! The York GA (Meyers) had a standout performance in this quarter, always making herself available for the drive by the post, showing off the intricacy of her foot-work in the limited area of the shooting circle.

UYNC maintained their lead throughout the quarter, and it concluded with a 37-22 score to York.The final quarter concluded in a confident win for UYNC, as they continued at the same level of intensity, not allowing fatigue to affect their strong lead. Aggression from players remained high - at the cost of some obstructions - but this offered further opportunity for pressure to mount on the Northumbria team.

The quarter concluded with a high standard of shooting from both GS and GA, combined with an impressive amount of communication and support from centre-court and defensive players, allowing for a convincing win for UYNC. The scoreboard read 47-33 to York at the end of the final quarter - York 3s made the decisive win against the team at the top of the league! This was an exciting game and the whole team should be very proud, hopefully filled with confidence moving forward in the tournament.