Summer gaming releases


Overview of the games Nouse thinks you should play this summer

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By Adam Frost

While most students are finally excited to leave their rooms after tedious amounts of coffee and exams, there are a few noteworthy video game releases to look forward to for those late summer nights. Here are a few that we have picked out that might pique your interest.

Nintendo Switch Sports (29th April)

A title that at the time of this article being published has just been released, anyone around the age of twenty will surely remember WII sports. Nintendo switch sports uses many of the same games such as tennis and golf while also adding new sports such as volleyball. Whether you were a fan of the original WII sports or you are just picking the title up for some fun you will have the opportunity to play your favourite sports or try something new without the chance of getting serious sunburn. Although within twenty-four hours of release one player has already smashed their tv screen. So maybe do not play this with any of your over competitive friends.

Saints Row (23rd August)

Another return of a classic title, Saints Row becomes the newest game released in the classic Saint Row series later this summer. In a new story that takes place in the fictitious city of Santo Ileso, which is loosely based on the American Southwest the player character is known as ‘the boss’. The Saints Row gang was formed of disgruntled members of each of the city's three rival gangs.

Like any Saint Row title, we expect big guns, flashing lights, trippy camera angles and every colour imaginable. What makes this release stand out though is that it is expected towards the end of summer, so when the British weather inevitably falls off from the long-awaited sunny days you will not be short of entertainment.

Hogwarts Legacy (2022)

While Hogwarts Legacy was initially meant to be released in 2021 and then pushed back to April 2022, it is yet to hit shop floors, and fans have now been left with no definitive release date but a promise that the game will reach consumers by the end of 2022. Now this means that the game might not have a summer release, but this author remains hopeful, having pre-ordered the game. Like many long-term Harry Potter fans, I fell in love with the series as a child and never grew out of it. Hogwarts Legacy, however, will not throw you in with many familiar characters from the books.

The game is set long before Harry, Ron and Hermione arrive at the school. You as the player character start as a fifth year, we do not know why or how this happened but we are sure to find out. As you chose your wand and are sorted into a house, you can explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter and carve your own destiny. So the only real question left is... What house will you be sorted into?