Food and Drink's Top Five Exam Season Stress-Busting Cocktails


The Food and Drink team at Nouse offer their suggestions on Summer cocktails to help you through the final push

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Image by Tom Pumford

By Tabitha Kaye

It's 3am: the clock is ticking, the word count is stuck, and the essay isn't getting any easier. It’s the final stretch but since the clocks have gone forward, the only things on our minds is feeling the sun on our backs and nursing a cool beverage with friends. The end is in sight, but who says we have to wait? Whether you’re after a moral boost, or just want to take a break to manifest summer celebrations, the Food and Drink team at Nouse have compiled a list of exam-inspired cocktails to help you over the finish line.

The VK Raspberry (Memory) Refresher
It simply would not be a stress-buster without the university students’ best companion: VK. Contrary to the name, we can’t promise it will have the same successes with memory as it enjoys on a night out. Nevertheless, this light and simple mix should lift the spirits. VK recommends mixing one bottle of their own Raspberry and Peach with 25ml of vodka, followed by 25ml of grenadine and a splash of lemonade. Swap out the vodka for an equally tasty low alcohol version if you like.

Lager – seeing people outside clinking bottles of the bubbly stuff when you’re stuck inside can be torture. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the ‘Michelada’ – a Mexican cooler with a chilli kick. Pick your favourite Mexican lager (we recommend a crisp Corona or a Sol – alternatively, a non-alcoholic lager works just as well!) and mix with a hot sauce of your choice. If you’re feeling adventurous – or your essay has pushed you a little close to the edge –  rim the glass with salt, chilli powder and black pepper. The chilli is sure to reset the sinus’ if you’re experiencing a brain freeze.

"The Guilty"
Hands up – we’ve all been there. The ‘G’ word inevitably creeps up on us every exam season. Whether it's that one piece of reading you swore you would do, or that one topic you convinced yourself wouldn’t come up, it’s always lurking. Why not take the pressure off and calm the nerves with ‘The Guilty’? Pour two shots of vodka and raspberry Sourz into a pitcher, followed by 500ml of blue VK and 250ml of lemonade. The light, fruity taste is guaranteed to help you take a breath and relieve the pressure.

Espresso Martini
One of the most popular drinks of exam season had to make the list: coffee. If you’re not already bored of making your way around every coffee shop in York to try and conjure meagre amounts of inspiration, this classic should turbo-charge the system three-fold. Absolut Vodka recommends 20ml of coffee liqueur, such as Kahula, 20ml of espresso coffee and 40ml of vodka - all shaken and served over ice.

Chocolate Orange Cocktail
A guaranteed morale boost usually takes the form of chocolate during exam season. Why not try it as a fun alcoholic drink to shake up tradition? Aside from orange syrup, for which you need 60ml, this one is the perfect mix of household items, consisting of just 40ml orange juice, 100ml vodka and some dark chocolate to garnish (or a sweet treat of your preference). Mix together and serve over ice.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions and they make that final assignment go just that bit faster!