Muse Mix: The Freshers Playlist


The editors' soundtrack to freshers 2021

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Image by Alex Thompson

By Kristina Wemyss , Michael Athey , Jack Barton and James Dring

Whether you’re excited or terrified for Freshers' Week, Muse has you covered. Our soundtrack is packed with bangers that will get rid of homesickness and provide the perfect backdrop for flat pre-drinks. We’ve also thrown in some more reflective and calming songs that will help freshers de-stress and recover after a night out.

Jack Barton - Music Editor

‘American Boy’ (feat. Kanye West) - Estelle

The quintessential song of the sesh, Estelle’s smooth vocals gel perfectly with’s funky production to get everyone in the mood! A booster for all those 5”7 kings as Kanye hits us with a clear and danceable verse that gets everyone bumping (including Smithy and Rudi from Gavin and Stacey).

‘Hey Ya!’ - Outkast

Andre 3k is known as one of the greatest, and ‘Hey Ya!’ is one of his funkiest songs as part of Outkast. A song full of rhythm and groove as we “shake it like a polaroid picture”, ‘Hey Ya!’ is a guaranteed tune that fills the playlist of virtually every house party (and if it isn’t in there, what are you doing?)

‘Deal Wiv It’ - Mura Masa, slowthai

Mura Masa, aka Alex Crossan, has carved a path deep into the top DIY songs, from ‘Love$ick’ to the infamously trippy ‘What if I go’, or his recent production of the viral Pinkpantheress TikTok tunes. ‘Deal Wiv It’ speaks to the high-energy messy freshers' parties filled with cans of carling and an inappropriate level of strobe lighting, as the controversial slowthai fills the air with the aspiring resurgence of punk.

Michael Athey- Comment Editor

‘Welcome to New York’ – Taylor Swift

Okay okay I know we’re technically the ‘OG York’ and not ‘New York’ but if you can put that aside this is a great track to kick off your years at the University of York. Tay Tay knocks it out of the park with this synth-pop anthem. It’s so easy for everyone to sing along to and makes a perfect kitchen pres song. Feel free to substitute yourself in as the protagonist as you begin your rollercoaster ride of a uni experience.

‘I’ve been dazed’ – Michael Kiwanuka

It might be a challenge to find a spare moment for yourself in between all the excitement of moving in, meeting new people, getting lost, partying and invariably getting lost again. However, if you do, this chilled out track will help you relax. The mercury prize-winning artist, Michael Kiwanuka, with his soft touched soul and R&B is blissfully soothing. If you too feel dazed after a hectic freshers this is the tune to unwind to.

‘Be yourself’ – Audioslave

In terms of the best advice on how to get through Freshers' Week that trumps all, this tune beautifully and concisely sums it up. “Be yourself, is all that you can do”. Enough said.

Kristina Wemyss- Deputy Muse Editor

‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ - Arctic Monkeys

Freshers, I’m sorry to say you won’t look good on the sweaty dance floor of Flares after you’ve had a few too many shots. If you’re feeling a little homesick though, a night of Arctic Monkeys and other indie hits will do wonders, and there really isn’t a more wholesome night out than one that involves going to Flares. You’d better get the lyrics memorised, as no good house party is complete without this tune.

‘Cola’ - Arlo Parks

This soulful and soothing song about moving on makes for the perfect soundtrack to settling in. To be honest, anything from this recent mercury prize-winner will help you to relax and recover from the chaos of freshers. Another plus: Parks’ gentle melodies and calm vocals will send you back to sleep when your flatmates come back drunk at four in the morning and start crashing about in the kitchen.

‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’ - Will Smith

Need a pick-me-up? Don’t wallow in emotional tunes that remind you of home, get some help from Will Smith. Blasting this feel-good classic in your new crib is a sure-fire way to start feeling ready to take on this new chapter in your life.

James Dring - Deputy Music Editor

‘Wish You Well’ - Benny Benassi Remix -Sigala, Becky Hill, Benny Benassi

My go-to remix to kick off a big night out or pre-drinking session. Straight out of the clubs and festival arenas, this remix adds a very satisfying opening to the track to bring everyone up to speed with the party mood. I would recommend following this up with ‘Mad Love’- Blinkie Remix to keep the vibe going.

‘Temperature’ - Sean Paul

A timeless classic from Sean Paul, an artist who has retained his unique voice and flow since ‘Back Off’ in 1999. Freshers will soon come to know it as a Salvo’s staple, this familiar banger is guaranteed to get the room moving.

‘Mamacita’ - Ozuna, Black Eyed Peas, J. Rey Soul

As a lover of reggaeton and the huge variety of sounds emerging from Puerto Rico and beyond, ‘Mamacita’ is a go-to party song. A proper head bopper and hip mover, ‘Mamacita’ brings Spanish with a tropical feel, yet remaining familiar to English listeners with classic sounds from the Black Eyed Peas and a catchy pre-chorus from J. Rey Soul.