Restyling the cast of Netflix's Fate: The Winx Saga


Maya Barber takes a look at the styling in Netflix's Winx Club reboot and offers her own take on the series' fashion choices.

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Image by Netflix 2021

By Maya Barber

Recently, Netflix released their new show Fate: The Winx Saga. This dark academia teen drama is in fact the live-action version of the early 2000s cartoon Winx Club. With the exception of the character Tecna, the general storyline still focuses on the same group of fairies who all attend the magical school Alfea. Netflix are known for their questionable teen dramas, namely Riverdale, and it seems that they did not stray far from their usual formula with this new show. Not only is there the same subpar script, which is clearly written by middle aged men attempting to sound like millennials, but the grungy yet dated styling choices also remained. If you never watched the original Nickelodeon animated series, a major element of the Winx Club was fashion; bright colours and Y2K outfits were at the forefront of the cartoon’s aesthetic. Though in true Netflix fashion, they decided to strip their remake of all of this, and instead douse the show in a heavy coating of Riverdale meets Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Netflix found itself embroiled in controversy over their casting choices for the series, as they were initially criticised for white-washing the original characters. As mentioned, current fashion was a significant inspiration for the creators of Winx Club, so much so that they were based on early 2000s celebrities. The main character Bloom was based on Britany Spears, Stella on Cameron Diaz, Flora on Jenifer Lopez, and Musa on Lucy Lu. However, we see no influence of these style icons in either the styling or the casting. Musa was modelled off of Lucy Lu, though Netflix did not cast an Asian actress. Similarly, Flora was meant to be Latina; and though they did not white-wash her, they replaced her entirely with that character of Terra, Flora’s ‘cousin’. The stylist for the show, Catherine Adair, was also the stylist for ABC drama Desperate Housewives, which could be an explanation for why the youthful mark has been so mightily missed.

Image credit: Netflix 2021
[Left to right] Musa, Stella, Bloom, Aisha, Terra

Restyling the cast…

I am now going to accept an imagined job offer and restyle the cast of Fate: The Winx Saga. I have put together the outfits I think each character should have worn in the reboot (with the substantial Netflix budget in mind); potentially also providing some more general Y2K outfit inspiration.


Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios 2004

One major flaw in the wardrobe department’s styling choices was their lack of creativity when it came to representing the girls’ powers in their outfits. Their thought process seemed to be fire = red, water = blue, earth = green and so on. The original series were not as literal with their colour palette, and gave fire fairy Bloom an iconic blue and yellow crop top. To update this look I would first choose the Motel Blue Jose Crop Top. This crop top is still the same eye catching blue colour, yet has the added keyhole detail in the front. To inject a pop of yellow into the fit, I would accessorise with the statement Yellow Dangly Fluffy Heart earrings from handmade earring company Bigger the Hoop. Finally, for the bottoms, I would go with a simple light blue flared jean such as this pair of Levi 725’s and a pair of trainers with yellow detailing like the Nike Air Force 1 with yellow tick.


Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios 2004

Stella is a princess and has the most ‘girly’ style out of the group. With this outfit choice, I am attempting to blend the style displayed in the Nickelodeon and Netflix series. Netflix went with a more preppy style for Stella which I didn't dislike, as it overtly exhibits her royal background. However, her outfits were nowhere near youthful enough, and there were moments where Stella looked as though she was on her way to a 9–5 paralegal job. I would pick this formal yet fun Amanda Uprichard Brooklyn Skirt in Confetti, which could also be paired with the matching Sawyer Blazer. To offset the suit-like fit of the co-ord I would style with a white tie front crop top, which also keeps some of the detail from the original look. Here are some options: Glamorous Crop Shirt, Lisla & Bird tie front crop top, or for a more casual look Nike’s mesh tie front crop t-shirt. To finish off the look I would go with a chunky boot to keep the mix of feminine and masculine styles prominent. A pink suit coupled with a military style boot, such as the Dr. Marten’s in Steel Grey, creates a youthful, feminine and current ensemble.


Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios 2004

In the Netflix reboot, they once again styled the 17-year-old character of Terra in the clothes of a middle aged woman. I would firstly go with an off the shoulder crop top to mirror the original outfit and to create a bohemian and youthful feel; the Majorelle Hemingway top in Jade Green is a great option. In the Netflix show, Terra being a plus-sized woman is a significant plot point and thus keeping the character in mind, I would pair this top with a statement flowy midi skirt. They are extremely flattering on curvy women, accentuating the hips and waist nicely, and it also continues the relaxed bohemian style of Flora in the original series. The Spell Sundown Midi Skirt and the Bardot Kendal Bias Skirt are fitting options. The skirts have floral prints and the top is made from natural materials as an ode to Terra’s earth powers. Finally a pair of large gold hoops, such as the Siren Muse Hoops from Monica Vinader, are essential to completing the outfit.


Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios 2004

Musa has the quirkiest style out of the group, wearing a mix of bright and dark colours and often pairing small tops with extremely oversized trousers. Instantly when thinking of Musa’s style I was drawn to the insta-famous brand Jaded London. I would put Musa in their Abstract Square Print Cold Shoulder Long Sleeved Mesh Top. I would pair this stunning top with a statement pair of baggy jeans, such as The Ragged Priest Blue Muse Patchwork Jeans. The Jaded London Patchwork Denim Shoulder Bag would be a great matching accessory to accentuate the detail of the jeans. Finally, for shoes I would go with a chunky pair of black platform trainers, specifically the Buffalo Black Plateau Sneakers, to complete the Y2K vibe of the fit.


Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios 2004

Finally, for Aisha, I would once again take inspiration from both the original and Netflix series. I would incorporate more blue into the outfit, as Netflix did, in order to reference Aisha’s water powers, though not to the same extent. I would choose the BDG 00s Pleat Mini Skirt to add a subtle pop of blue through the denim material, which could be further accentuated by layering with an oversized denim jacket. To keep with the 2000s style and to mirror Aisha’s original pink crop top, I would pair the skirt with UO’s Diamante Butterfly Hanky Hem Tank Top. To complete the look I would go for a chunky boot, in particular the Dr. Marten Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots. This combination creates a cute and simple Y2K outfit.