YUSU Venues: the good, the bad and the Glasshouse


Nouse takes you through the YUSU venues currently open on campus

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Image by Luke Snell

By Jerry McMichael

Here at Nouse Business we remain committed for the foreseeable future to never mentioning words such as unemployment, furlough, or national debt. So as this rules out reporting anything occurring in the economy right now, here’s a few words on what you can get out of the four campus bars open on campus this term.

Considered the heart of Hes West, Courtyard offers a cool, natural, and comfortable place to grab a drink with your mates. Offering a wide selection of draught lagers and ciders, as well as a new revamped cocktail menu Courtyard is the ideal place to both a few or just the one. In normal times it hosts some of the best on campus club nights of the year including ‘Time Warp’, which hopefully we’ll see before the end of the year.

Its extensive food menu also makes it a popular launch time haunt, but if you go one word of advice, nachos.

The Forest
YUSU’s newest venue, The Forest, has brought a breath of fresh air to campus and has been somewhat of a saving godsent for welcome week making sure that this year's freshers have received somewhat of a freshers. Its 500+ capacity tents provide an ambient, if somewhat chilly, spot to grab a cocktail/pint. The pints are well priced - from around £3.50, however, the food available is considerably higher.

I’m yet to explore it further but with the limited capacity across bars in the rest of campus, I’m sure the Forest will be a welcome addition to West Campus this term and hopefully for the foreseeable future.

Just maybe steer clear of the naked tipi, not sure what’s going on in there.

**The Vanbrugh Arms: **
The Vanbrugh arms as YUSU calls it, or V Bar as everyone else calls it, is the OG of student union bars. It offers everything you could ever want, live music, easy access to the bar, quick service and a slight level of dinge in the most charming way.
V bar does what it says on the tin - it’s a bar.

Tuesday nights in normal times plays host to the university jazz band who are to say the least sensational, and the bars extensive selection of gins provide a nice alternate if you can no longer palate another Carling. Call me biased, I did live 50ft from it in first year, but V bar is indisputably the best bar on campus, fini.

**Glasshouse: **
Where’s that?