Launch of One Planet Week 2019


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By Eloise McMinn Mitchell

One Planet Week is returning to York this week, 11-17 February. The week will see a variety of events and activities aimed at engaging the University of York community with environmental issues and their own impact on the environment. The events will include open seminars, a food festival and an ethical clothes swap.

Monday saw the beginning of the project, with an ethical food shop among other events. The week is aimed at engaging with students, and the ‘WILD Work-shop’ offered advice on being sustainable even if you are “skint.” Tuesday’s schedule includes a huge number of activities, including a focus on Urban Mining and the components of smartphones. There are also opportunities for students to get stuck in, learning to make their own beeswax wrap, and a seminar on sustainable architecture.

Wednesday will host several food-related events, including a VegSoc stall. With a current push for avoidance of meat, their stall can offer information to people considering going veggie or vegan, or even to students just looking to cut down on eating animal produce. The evening will see a film screening of A Plastic Ocean, which promises to be an informative but potentially emotional session. One Planet Week will also be offering a Valentine’s ceilidh in the evening.

Friday will offer a second session on Urban Mining, as well as a workshop on guitar repair and maintenance. Students interested in the projects and issues exposed during the week can then engage with environmental concerns with more information than they previously had.