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UoY Boat Club make the B finals, performing well on BUCS Regatta opening day

Alanah Hammond reports after a thrilling Saturday's action at the 2022 BUCS Regatta

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Image Credit: Alanah Hammond

After an intense pre-season training week, the hard work from all of the UYBC’s rowers paid off as they triumphed in BUCS Regatta 2022, held at the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham. The race is Europe’s largest student regatta, with universities across the country competing against each other.

The racing was split across the day with time trials starting from 8am, followed by Reps, Semi Finals and AB Finals starting from 11am, as well as Finals C to F starting from 4pm. By 8:50am I had witnessed the first capsize of the day in the Women’s doubles, yet this did not characterise the day of rowing I was privy to, especially from UYBC.

UYBC’s Novice squads performed particularly well at their first BUCS Regatta. The Novice Women’s VIII+ — coxed by Meg Taylor — made it to the AB Semi Final and came fifth in the B Final. This makes them the 11th fastest Novice Women’s VIII+ crew in the country.

Emmy Church was stroke for the Novice women and so set their race rate. They completed their 2K B Final in an impressive 08:39.96 minutes, beating many universities including Edinburgh, Manchester, Cambridge and Glasgow.

UYBC A’s Novice Men IV+ also made it to the AB Semi Final. They came second in the B Final, making them the seventh-fastest Novice Men IV+ crew in the country. Emer Bealin-Kelly coxed the men while Quinn O’loane was stroke for the squad. They completed their race in 07:57.57 minutes, beating the universities of Southampton, Bristol, East Anglia and Bath. York B’s Novice Men IV+ also performed strongly, coxed by Sophia Saragoudas, coming fourth in the D Final, beating Manchester and Loughborough University.

UYBC’s Senior Men’s crew also raced well at BUCS Regatta. The Senior Men’s VIII+, coxed by Alyna Baban, came second in the E Final. Toby McLusky was stroke and set the race rate, completing their 2K in 06:46.12 minutes, beating the universities of Manchester and St Andrews as well as the B squads of Cambridge and Southampton university.

The Senior Men also performed well in the Men’s Intermediate singles. In the Intermediate Lightweight single, York A’s Will Lupton came sixth in the C Final and York B’s Sam Podmore came second in the E Final.

In the Intermediate singles, UYBC’s Ben Newton made it to the AB Semi Finals and came fifth in the B final, beating Reading University’s B boat. Since the University of Plymouth’s boat did not finish the race, this makes Newton the tenth fastest Men’s Intermediate single in the country.

UYBC certainly performed impressively on Saturday. The conditions were good, with the sun shining and little wind, allowing UYBC to show off their new racing kit without any extra layers. Excitingly, the racing continues this weekend, and so there may well be more amazing results to come from UYBC across all of their squads.

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