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Library to return to 24-hour opening times

The change marks a return to the pre-pandemic norm

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Image Credit: Symac / Sylvain Machefert

The JB Morrell University Library is to return to its pre-pandemic 24-hour opening times next week, the Library has announced.

However, the Library will only be open 24 hours a day from 2 May to 4 June. The Library’s statement explained that this is to “help out those studying for your exams”.

The Library restricted its opening times to 8 am until 11 pm after the first lockdown.

In January, the Library extended its closing time to 12 am. This has remained in place since then, but will change next week.

In its statement, the Library stressed that “[a]ll-nighters are not necessarily a great idea” but encouraged students burning the midnight oil to “take regular breaks”.

“[W]alk around the library a bit, get fresh air, eat healthy food, drink a load of water,” it added. “Future you will be grateful.”

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