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Top Four Holiday Destinations to Travel to this Summer

Arun Kohli recommends his top four destinations to travel to for holidays at home and abroad this summer.

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Summer is mere months away and many people have still not been able to go abroad or enjoy a nice relaxing holiday since the pandemic started back in March 2020 (I know I haven’t!) Whether it is a trip far across the world, a quick getaway to a European city or somewhere just a train ride away, I’ve got you covered with my top four places to visit this summer.

St Andrews:
The first is St Andrews (yes, Scotland!)I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But its crown jewel, with some of the kindest people and best hospitality, is St Andrews, a must visit destination in Scotland if you are looking for a nice weekend getaway. St Andrews is a scenic seaside town that is only an hour away by train from Edinburgh (you could always combine visiting the two!) The cute independent shops are enough to attract you to the town with bakeries, jewellers, bookshops, and even bottle shops! Luvians bottle shop is a must-visit if you are a whisky fan! And last but not least, if you love golf, I don’t think I even need to say this but; St Andrews is the home of golf.

Up next is the beautiful city of Lisbon. Possibly prettier than St. Andrews, Lisbon is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. From the small, hilly streets nestled in the Alfama area to the bustling and vibrant streets in the city centre, you cannot help but fall in love with this place! The best thing you can do in Lisbon is walk. You will see so many more places just by walking through the city rather than using transport, including the Rua Augusta Arch, one of the most beautiful landmarks I have seen. Found at the northern end of the Praçado Comércio, the arch represents Lisbon’s recovery after the devastating 1755 earthquake. Every morning, I walked under the arch and wandered up the Rua Augusta, meeting locals and searching for traditional Portuguese restaurants. However, if you don’t feel like walking there is a beautiful tram network that runs throughout the city, giving you the luxury of being able to hop on and off at many different locations. If you don’t mind queuing, the Elevador de Santa Justa is a must-visit, with incredible views waiting for everyone at the top. Finally, if you are in need of a place to eat, I can not recommend enough places. But if you are to try one, the Time Out Market is incredible, with a huge range of cuisines under one roof.

Number three on the list is Sicily, a perfect example of beautiful, authentic Italy. I visited Sciacca on the southwest coast of the island. Its incredible restaurants are only defeated by the view you get watching the sunset over the sea on the promenade. Sicily also has the luxury of having two major cities that offer two completely different vibes. Catania is situated in the shadow of Mount Etna, an active volcano, with aesthetic buildings and various cobbled streets, it is meant to make any traveller fall in love, with endless at-tractions for people to see! On the other side of the island, is the rival city to Catania; Palermo. Palermo is the biggest city in Sicily and has a rich history that makes it even more interesting. Much like Catania, there are loads of places to see and many photo opportunities that would make anyone jealous of your Sicilian getaway.

Los Angeles:
Finally, if you are after somewhere a bit further away, LA is the place for you! What I love about this city is it has something for everyone. If shopping is your thing, head to Beverly Hills and you may even see a famous housewife or two! However, if you are after a more downtown experience, then the Hollywood boulevard is the place to be. Not only will you get to seethe Hollywood Walk of Fame, which you can spend hours walking up and down looking for your favourite celebrity star, but you will also see the famous TCL Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre (where they hold the Oscars!)Venturing west, head to the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach, two places definitely worth visiting if you are looking for a classic tourist photo and a relax in the sun. You might even be tempted to work out on the beach with some of the LA locals, too!

I could carry on forever recommending places to travel to this summer, but I’m afraid I have no space! These are four of the most beautiful and fascinating places I have had the privilege of visiting and I hope you get to make a journey to at least one of these locations, I hope to hear all about it!

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