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History in the Baking: A Sweet Guide to ‘Brownie-Tok’

Tabitha Kaye gives an overview of the trending brownie-bakers of Tik Tok and the success of small confectionery businesses

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With many donning their aprons and carrying their wooden spoons into cake combat over lockdown, we have seen an immense rise in the home baking market; namely, the online brownie business. As is in keeping with the Pandemic theme, many emerging small businesses have enrolled themselves for Tik Tok as means of advertising and have been treating us to baking insights ever since.

Finding yourself on the baked side of Tik Tok is a treat in itself: shorts of voluptuous chocolate and sprinkles make for a sweet rendition of ASMR, often followed by clips of velvety mixture being poured into primed baking tins. If this satisfying display isn’t enough to get you hooked, you’ll no doubt run into a plethora of piping videos on your ‘for you page’ which showcase the immense rise in decorating skills in making baked goods aesthetically ‘insta-worthy’. Unsurprisingly, this has caused a stir in and out of the mixing bowl to the extent we can now dub this revolution accordingly. Enter ‘Brownie-tok’: a side of the platform dedicated to baking hobbyists and the business of charming confectionery.

Short from whiling away the hours in sugary bliss, the best part is yet to come: most goods we see on Tik Tok can be delivered to your door. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites from around the country to get you started on your brownie-tok adventure, and acquire some sweet treats along the way!

Grandma’s Rolling Pin (@grandmasrollingpin)
Inspired by her Grandmother’s baking, owner Sam started selling affordable homemade chocolates in 2019 and has since expanded her range to offer vegan and seasonal selections. Sam’s Tik Tok account exhibits her enduring creativity in terms of flavour and presentation, ranging from ornate piping to white chocolate and orange chocolate discs decorated as eggs. Most impressive, however, are her vegan chocolates which do not scrimp on luxury, nor taste.
From the chocolate bar selection, we recommend trying a Raspberry and Pistachio milk chocolate bar or, for a nostalgic experience, a Hazelnut Dream Bar (complete with a Hungry Hippo!). For a quick sweet fix, her signature ‘Cookie Monster’ Belgium White Chocolate cookies are a must.

Winibee’s Bakery (@winibeesbakery)
Nestled in the seaside town of Sheringham is Winibees Bakery: the creation of couple Megan and Jimmy Hart. Named after their two children, Winnie and Barnaby, the love at the heart of Winibees bakery shines through their famed bespoke celebration cakes and hearty bakes - all showcased on their Tik Tok page and Instagram. Recently, the bakery’s distinct pink theme has earned it the prestigious title of being ‘instagrammable’ by the local news, and has since been featured across different social media platforms for its pleasing mix of aesthetics in terms of both the shop exterior and their impressive sweet pies.
Winibees’ Biscoff Cookie Pie is the perfect introduction to their repertoire, as is their Caramel Cornflake Tart. If you are lucky enough to visit in person, the bakery offers these in the form of a milkshake for an unique sugary experience.

Olivia Bakes Brownies (@_oliviabakes)
Jade Olivia started baking from a young age but only recently launched her business over Lockdown. Tiktok decorating videos captured us with lavish chocolate drizzles and showcase her generous portions, making her a mainstay on ‘Brownie-Tok’.
We recommend trying flavours such as Daim Bar, Chocolate Orange, and Lotus Biscoff. Can’t pick one? Don’t fear - Olivia offers ‘Create Your Own’ boxes where you can mix and match flavours to help you find a new favourite.

Simply Cake Co. (@simplycakeco)
In 2017, owner and founder Susie Lemon set out to achieve an important mission: “get people eating better cakes!” Almost five years on and with a flowering following from across the country, Susie hasn’t looked back.
Simply Cake Co.’s brownie boxes are the perfect share and showcase the company’s innovative flavours, which rotate monthly and cover many dietary requirements (gluten free and vegan) in order to suit everyone. Concurrent with their ‘no-waste’ ethos, the company also offer ‘Brownies for Good’ - reduced price boxes of offcuts with £4 from every box going to the local foodbank.
In terms of boxes, we recommend starting with the ‘Original Mix Box’ for brownie classics, then venturing out to the monthly specials. If you are wanting to explore further, the Raspberry and White Chocolate Stuffed Cookie is particularly indulgent (especially when heated briefly in the microwave to create a gooey feast!)

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