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Over £10,000 raised for Young Lives Vs Cancer

York student raises funds for charity by running London Marathon

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Image Credit: Young Lives Vs Cancer

University of York Sociology student Will Bray is running the London Marathon for his girlfriend, UoY Law student Phoebe Tiernan. Phoebe was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia on 25 January 2022, and so Will is going to run 26.2 miles on 2 October 2022.

Will has raised an impressive £10,630 (plus £1,778.00 in Gift Aid), by 446 supporters. He has already surpassed his target of £10,000. Will said he is running the marathon “to raise awareness and money for other young people in Phoebe’s situation who are helped every day by the work they do”.

Will spoke to Nouse about his fundraising efforts and said: “The response I have had has been overwhelming. The JustGiving page feels like such a positive place full of people that care about Phoebe and I”.

The funds will go to Young Lives vs Cancer, a charity who help families deal with the impact of treatment and adjust to life with cancer. They also help families “find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them”. The charity explains how “every day 12 more children and young people hear the devastating news they have cancer”, and so any funds raised help support many families.

Will, in an Instagram post, said: “The outpouring of love and support for Phoebe, her family and me has been incredible.” He added, “Phoebe is the strongest person I know and carries herself with such grace that there is no way she will let anything beat her. Whether you know Phoebe or not she is by far my favourite person on this planet so I would be forever grateful for any donations”.

Phoebe is a big part of Langwith Netball, playing centre for their second team. In a post on their Facebook, member and friend of Phoebe, Emma Tarshish explained how the team will be doing a “‘Drink for Phoebe’ every Wednesday Salvos”. Emma also encouraged people on the post to donate £5 (the cost of a drink) to Will’s JustGiving page.

When speaking to Nouse, Emma said “Every Wednesday salvos, a few of us from LCNC take a shot and cheers to Phoebe, and donate £5 (the cost of a drink) to a different cancer charity each week. “Recently it’s been either Will’s fundraising page for Young Lives vs Cancer, or The Little Princess Trust, both such incredible charities that have such an incredible effect. Small consistent donations like these can really make all the difference”.

The President of Langwith Netball, Jess Cleverdon, told Nouse: “It’s amazing to see the amount of support Will is getting, especially in terms of fundraising! Phoebe is such a big part of LCNC both on court in the two’s team and off. And we will continue to support them both in any way we can!”.

In a final comment, Will said “Chemotherapy is such a physically and emotionally draining experience that any messages of support for her would also be incredibly kind. I know it’s hard to donate to every charity and cause, but I wouldn’t ask unless it was something I truly cared about”.

He added, “it would mean the world if you donated anything you can, even if it’s just a pound, because nobody deserves to go through what she’s going through, especially at 21”.

To support Phoebe and Will you can donate at

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