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Club 55, inside Ziggy's, granted lap dancing licence

The York City Council has granted Club 55 a licence to operate as a sexual entertainment venue for the next 12 months

Club 55, which is on the first floor of Ziggy’s, has been granted a licence to operate as a sexual entertainment venue for the next 12 months. It is understood that it will operate as a lap dancing venue.

It will be allowed to operate in this way from 9pm to 3am Monday to Sunday, and from 6pm to 4.30am on York Racecourse race days.

There were no objections to the licence received during the consultation period and councillors on the licensing and regulatory committee voted unanimously to approve the application.

The licensing manager, Lesley Cook, when visiting the club said that “they aren’t fully operational yet, they’re only operating a couple of the rooms.”

There were concerns from York City Council vocalised by Ms Cook that the signage for the club would need to be in keeping with the style of Micklegate, where the club is based. She advised the club that they will have to let the council know the design of the signage, which will contain the Ziggy’s logo and the number 55.

Previously Ziggy’s was the site of the nightclub Mansion, which included the club Upstairs which was also a lap dancing club. However, Mansion closed in 2019 when it failed to renew its tenancy agreement.

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