Player Ratings: York City 3-1 Darlington

Lucy Wilde provides a player rundown for York FC's home game versus Darlington

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For what could be dubbed a local derby, an underwhelming first half was characterised by missed opportunities from both teams. A riotous three goal York special in the second half did however show signs of a team yet to blossom. Here, Nouse Sport offers a rundown of individual player performances.

York City:

Pete Jameson  – No.1 – GK – Consistently reliable. Tested from the off. Calming influence in high-pressure instances. A credit to the York side. 8

Michael Duckworth – No.2 –  Lacked sufficient assertiveness moving up the pitch. 6

Scott Barrow – No.3 – Fervent defensive work. Unlucky to be awarded a yellow card in controversial referee decision. 6

Paddy McLaughlin © – No.6 – Lacked much presence in the centre field. Could have improved through-pitch communication. 6

Olly Dyson – No.7 – Lacked usual on-form conviction to play high and pressurise the backline. 6

Kurt Willoughby – No.9 – Competent first touch and cross-pitch vision. Responsible for putting York on the offensive on the wings towards goal. Commendably tenacious. 8

AJ Greaves – No.14 – Dogged but hot-headed. Subbed after a rash and unnecessary challenge on Hatfield. 5

Maxim Kouogun – No.16 – Quick footed and quick witted in his decisive playmaking. Put under pressure by Thompson’s speed. 7

Akil Wright – No.20 – Few early fumbles gave away possession. Redeemed himself in the second half with a renewed sense of urgency to bag himself MOM. 9

Mitch Hancox – No.26 – Goal scorer and crowd pleaser.  7

Lenell John-Lewis – No.33 – Clever playmaker. Showed gumption in taking the ball forward but blundered an opportunity to score. 7


Matty Brown – No.5 – (for  AJ Greaves, 30) – applied a fresh set of legs and creative lens to the game. Settled quickly. 7

Clayton Donaldson – No.10 – (for Lennel John-Lewis, 21) - used his fresh legs to the team’s advantage. Finessed a cheer-raising penalty to advance York’s lead. 7


Tommy Taylor – GK  – No.1 – Made some crucial saves in the first half but became undone from the 60 minute mark. 6

Ben Hedley – No.7 – Solid display across the pitch. Lacked imagination in using two-on-one occasions to advance up the pitch. 6

Will Hatfield © – No.8 – Relentless throughout. Steadfast attitude won Darlington possession on numerous occasions. 7

Jarret Rivers – No.11 – Largely absent from most contested play. Lacked much fluent composure. 6

Jake Cassidy – No.18 – Solid performance. Close crossbar attempt from out field. 7

Kevin Dos Santos – No.19 – Rapid on the wings. Had York on the backfoot in defence with his fast pace. Good match for York’s defensive trio. 8

Jake Lawlor – No.20 – Steady but haphazard in attacking situations when working with limited space and time. 6

Alex Purver – No.23 – Limited time on the ball reflective of lack of off the ball forward movement. 6

Kallum Griffiths – No.26 – Indecisive setting up opportunities to attack from the sidelines. 6

Cameron Thompson – No.27 – Arguably boasted the fastest feet on the pitch. Kept York under pressure from the first whistle. Eventual goal scorer. 8

David Wheater – No.31 – Upheld the backline well but was deservingly subbed for sloppy defending which gifted York a late penalty. 6


Joe Wheatley – (for Alex Purver, 38).

Tyrone O’Neil – (for Dos Santos, 36).

Danny Ellis - (for David Wheater, 39).

Attendance: 3,579


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