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The Courtyard hosts new Jukebox campus club night

YUSU has created a new campus club night at The Courtyard and are bringing back the old favourites.

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After a long-awaited return, YUSU is once again hosting Campus Club Nights with the continuation of ‘Marmite’ and ‘Timewarp’, and the new ‘Jukebox’, which will be seeing an intro-duction to campus bars this term.

Jukebox will be hosted at The Courtyard and is the newest addition to the campus club nights. The new club was launched on 30 October to mark the celebration of Halloween. Many students checked out what promises to be a new staple of University nightlife. In competition with much loved Marmite (you either love it or hate it) and Timewarp (music through the decades), Jukebox will be characterised by a voting system where students will have a chance to vote to choose a musical genre for the first part of the evening.

On October 30, Halloween-themed tunes were played, as well as drink deals for a Halloween special of YUSU’s ‘new campus classic’. YUSU also hosted an event for Timewarp last Saturday on 6 November at The Courtyard. The event saw the reintroduction of pop classics from 10:30 pm until 2:30 am, with each hour bringing another decade of ‘cheese and charts’. As usual, the club night plays classics from the 1980s to the 2010s, but the order remains a secret until the night.

Along with the new club night, YUSU is hosting RAG Live and Loud from 19 to 21 November. This will bean entire weekend of events to raise money for the University’s RAG beneficiaries, including Coppa Feel, Student Minds, and Refugee Action York. There will be events ranging from Live music in The Lounge, dog petting, and a pub quiz at The Courtyard. RAG is the University’s student-run organisation that raises money for various charities every year through fundraising events.

The last RAG event will be a Marmite RAG edition on 20 November at The Glasshouse. The Club Night will be raising money to fund the beneficiaries. For this edition of Marmite, YUSU has raised the cost of tickets by £1, with 100 percent of this increase going to the RAG beneficiaries. Entry is £2.50 either at the door or tickets can be bought in advance.

Club nights have been a staple of the university experience for many, so their return is more than welcome. Students hope to see more events soon to carry on through the year.  When YUSU’s Activities Officer Sophie Kelly was asked whether there would be more Jukebox events, she stated: “The plan is to hold it twice a term in the same way that Marmite and Timewarp are. “I’m hoping to implement this from the start of term 2 after a successful launch in week 5 of term 1.”

In responding to the question as to why on campus club nights are important, Kelly stated: “Having- on campus club nights mean that we can provide a space for students that want to go out and have a good time without having to go into town. Our club nights will always be held at the weekend, which means that we are able to offer that space to unwind and have a great time at the end of the week. ”Kelly’s aim is for “Jukebox nights to be the highlight of the term."

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