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E-sports studio opens

The University launches a new e-sports production studio with Promod E-sports

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Image Credit: Irvine, University of California

THE UNIVERSITY OF York and Promod E-sports have recently launched the first university-led e-sports production studio.

E-sports is an increasingly popular form of entertainment in which large audiences tune in to watch individuals play video games competitively.

The studio, which is called the ‘3Sixty’ room, will be primarily used for research and development within this new form of media, while also providing an opportunity for teaching and commercial benefits as well. Promod will be responsible for letting out the studio for paid internships and work opportunities.

It has been fitted with £250,000 worth of lighting and a green screen virtual studio space, both of which have been tailored to produce a large variety of digital productions. AI-driven tools also demonstrate how up to date and innovative this new studio is.

Professor John Mateer from the Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media at the University of York has commented on the benefits to the university.

He said: “our partnership with Pro-mod has transformed the 3Sixty into a truly unique media studio that boosts the university’s existing strength in digital creativity research and teaching.”

Hailed as an “example of how academic-industry partnerships can drive technological innovation”, it shows the university is at the forefront of advancements within the gaming industry.

Rob Black, CEO of Promod E-sports, said “We are all very excited about this partnership here at Promod E-sports. It is fantastic to have such a great opportunity to work with and inspire future talent coming into the e-sports industry.

A University of York spokesman said: “Our partnership with Promod E-sports has transformed the 3Sixty room into a unique media studio that boosts the university’s existing strength in digital creativity research and teaching.

“The studio offers an exciting new facility for students undertaking the university’s E-sports Content Production module as part of the Film and TV Production, and Interactive Media BSc programmes.”

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