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The top clubbing music of York

Emily Lamb counts down York's best clubs for music (it's not Flares).

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Image Credit: Amir Toossi

With the newfound freedom of lifted coronavirus restrictions comes the return of nightlife, the reopening of bars, clubs, and music venues. Many students are warmly welcoming the restoration of night out culture, but is it the same as it was pre-covid? Are DJs sticking to what we know, or are they quite literally ‘mixing it up’? Although York is not known for its clubbing scene, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the music of its nights out. After conducting very educational research, I have ranked the top clubs in York for the music they are playing in this recently unrestrictive world.

In fifth place, Popworld. Possibly aimed at an older demographic, Popworld plays a mix of timeless classics and 90’s and 00’s cheesy pop picks. As the name suggests, Popworld plays one main genre of music, so if you’re not into pop, it might not be the place for you! Although if the S Club 7 songs don’t entice you, I’m sure the revolving dance floor will.

Ziggy’s is both a new and old club in York, first opened in 1982, Ziggy’s is returning this year updated and upgraded. Although it is reopening in the same listed Georgian Mansion, the music has been modernised, literally keeping in tune with the times. On Wednesdays, Ziggy’s main student night, different music genres are played throughout the club. There’s an RnB and HipHop floor, then upstairs is where you can dance to cheesy hits, and there’s even a gin bar which plays more mellow music for if you want to chill out. The variation of music genres means there’s something for everyone at Ziggy’s!

In third place we have… Flares! Beware if you’re vegan or lactose intolerant because the music at Flares is undoubtedly very cheesy, even cheesier than that pun! Every night is ABBA tribute night at Flares, so if you’re into 70’s pop classics, it’s definitely the night out for you. Unlike other clubs, there’s no variation between the music on the different dance floors. So, Flares might not be the best choice for a night out with a group where friends have differing music tastes. Nevertheless, if you enjoy the fun, only cringey if you’re too sober, dance songs, namely the infamous Macarena and Saturday Night, which take you back to your year six Leavers disco, then Flare’s will become your second home.

Second, but as some may argue ‘the best’, I’ve ranked Salvos. Renowned more so for its sweaty Sports Social Wednesday’s rather than its playlist, Salvos generally relies on classic pop picks. The classic clubbing mix of well-loved throwbacks paired with popular chart toppers makes Salvos a go-to student night out. Unlike Flares, the differentiation of playlists between the two dance floors allows for more of a variation of music. The upstairs following Flares in its playing of retro and cheesy tunes, while the main floor downstairs sticks to the more stereotypical clubbing classics of any Rihanna song or Calvin Harris mix.

Taking the winning spot of first place we have, Kuda! Like Salvos and Ziggy’s, Kuda plays different genres across the floors. The main floor playing classic clubbing dance mixes, and the Tikki bar tending to play RnB hits. It’s this range of music which makes Kuda one of the most popular student nights out** in York. Even if you don’t enjoy Kuda’s tunes, taking an Instagram in the Tikki bar’s Campervan is a necessary requirement of being a student in York.

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