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Timetable confusion and chaos

The late release of timetables and accompanying information led to confusion among students

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When timetables were released on 23 September, it was revealed that there were still some remnants of online teaching for the upcoming term. Whether teaching is in-person or online is decided by individual departments, which means that all students’ experiences of timetabling will be slightly different.

Some Departments have decided to keep some of their teaching online, for example some Computer Science third years have lectures in person, but seminars and workshops online and certain departments have chosen to keep lectures entirely online and have reduced the capacity of their seminars. Nouse understands that some courses are heavily oversubscribed by students which is why teaching is online for those courses.

Some lectures and seminars will be entirely online for the near-future because members of staff remain medically vulnerable and therefore have been recommended by the Occupational Health Team to work from home.

There has been some confusion among students over the University’s position on students attending in person lectures, as they expect for all students to be in York to attend in person teaching by 7 November, but have made it clear that they are trying to reduce large numbers of people gathering in one space, such as in lecture theatres.

Finally, the University is encouraging students to adopt safety measures, such as testing, getting vaccinated and wearing face coverings. Facemasks are expected by the university in lectures, if students choose to attend in person, and are recommended elsewhere across the University. Testing twice a week is also advised, with self-test kits available to pick up across both campuses and two in person testing facilities. The last level of protection recommended is vaccination, with pop-up clinics being offered regularly to students.

Nouse approached the University for comment and they stated: “This year’s timetable was delayed due to the need to build multiple online and in-person timetables, and the lack of clear Government guidance on social distancing, which impacts decisions on room capacities.”

“This guidance only became available mid-August, which meant we had to release timetables much later than normal."

“We apologise for the delay and thank students for their patience, especially as we try to resolve issues as quickly as possible.”

“Students concerned about teaching arrangements are encouraged to contact their Departments to understand this term’s plans about levels of in-person teaching.”

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