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YUSU reveals new venue for Ziggy's and LGBTQ+ nights

Four club nights a week and 'Sneaky Disco' nights await students

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YUSU and York Parties have informed Nouse that there will continue to be four weekly club nights during the academic year, with Ziggy’s moving to a new venue.

Ziggy’s is a replacement for the now closed nightclub Fibbers, although it will not be in the same location, nor play the same genre of music. Despite Fibbers’ reputation for indie nights, Ziggy’s will be different in playing a “variety of content” every Thursday and will host “Sneaky Disco” nights.

Ziggy’s can be found in the nightclub Mansion’s former location.

In addition to the new venue, “unique LGBTQ+ nights'' will be organised twice a term in Flares. The dates for these nights will be weeks four and eight in each term.

The introduction of LGBTQ+ nights is the first time that exclusive nights for the LGBTQ+ community have been scheduled by York Parties and YUSU. These nights will be run in “conjunction with the LGBTQ+ officers and network”.

The student community’s favourite clubs Kuda and Salvation retain their Tuesday and Wednesday slots respectively. With knowledge that Salvation’s Wednesday club nights are secure, students can now start preparing their fancy dress wardrobes for “a favourite of the sports clubs at York”.

Kuda returns under new ownership “after a short closure”, but students can be reassured that the “ever-popular Tiki bar” remains a key feature of the nightclub.

Those students hoping to start the week without a hangover will be disappointed to learn that “Sundays at Revolution will return”.

Despite a student backlash towards YUSU awarding the club night contract to York Parties, Sophie Kelly, YUSU’s Student Activities Officer, said “We hope this blend of old favourites, such as Salvos on a Wednesday, and new venues and content will get students excited about returning to the dancefloor and getting back into the city”.

Kelly expressed enthusiasm for the year ahead of clubbing and said “We can’t wait to see you all there!”

Students wanting to skip the expected queues can purchase Platinum cards at

Students can learn more about the University’s LGBTQ network by either joining the network’s Facebook group, or by emailing the University’s LGBTQ officers.

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