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Q&A with Evie Plumb, founder of Cliterally The Best

Alice Manning talks to founder Evie Plumb about destigmatizing sex education through her Instagram-based platform and podcast, Cliterally The Best.

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Image Credit: Cliterally The Best / Evie Plumb

  1. How did you come to start Cliterally The Best?

Lockdown boredom! I’ve always been interested in all things sexual health and made so many mistakes due to such poor sex ed at school and not having the confidence to advocate for my health and pleasure! It all started with the podcast in July 2020, where I spoke to interesting people in the sex positive community, so people could learn along with me from experts! I also love to draw so I decided to use the knowledge I’ve learnt myself to create bite-size, easy-to-read formats and it grew from there!

  1. What topics do you cover, and how do you make sure the content is inclusive?

Everything sexual health-related: consent, relationships, pleasure, gender etc. I am constantly researching the correct terminology and keeping up with people in the community. I make sure I always use gender neutral language when it comes to explaining things.

  1. What challenges have you faced as a sex educator on Instagram?

The trolls. As I’m touching on personal and sometimes sensitive subjects, the trolls are pretty ruthless. I’ve had many guys tell me to die because I ‘made’ their partner leave them! Luckily it doesn’t affect me, and as sad as it is, I often see it as a sign that what I’m doing is working!

  1. Is there anything you have learnt when it comes to sex ed from running Cliterally The Best?

So much! Although I am now qualified in sex ed, there’s always more to learn about our bodies and relationships. I’m always open to correction and have learnt many things since running the page and podcast through others!

  1. If you could change one thing about the sex ed curriculum, what would it be?

It’s impossible to choose just one, but I think a big thing would be teaching that sex is as much about pleasure than it is about reproduction.

  1. Is there a “best” way to learn healthy sex ed?

Making sex ed pleasure-based, as mentioned above – and on top of this, consent needs to be a main topic. We also need to stop teaching STIs in a shameful way, and we need proper menstrual education – how to deal with periods and what is and isn’t abnormal, rather than focusing on only clinical biology. Rosie Howard and I talk about Vaginismus in the podcast and I have a great episode on sex education in schools with RSEWithMillie too.

  1. What’s next for Cliterally The Best?

To keep growing the brand and reach more people! Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but I’m looking forward to seeing what might happen!

You can find Evie’s content over at @cliterallythebest on Instagram.

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