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Pop up vaccination centre returning to campus

It will open again this Friday, offering vaccines to those over 21

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Image Credit: Patrick Hook-Willers

Nimbuscare, who ran the pop up vaccination centre on campus this week, took to Twitter to announce the return of the centre this Friday (18 June) for 21 year olds and over. Little information is readily available at this time, but Nouse has been told that it will be by appointment only - not walk-ins.

On Nimbuscare's website for Monday's pop up, they said students can book "following a text message notification from Nimbuscare, please click on the link to access the AccuRx booking system – select the location ‘York Sport, University of York, James Way, Heslington, York YO10 5NA’ and select an appointment time." The site also says that "eligible people who have been invited via text message from Nimbuscare can make an appointment. The clinic is open to residents of the surrounding area and those attending the University of York."

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