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A Month of Art with Norman Rea Gallery

Elizabeth Walsh and Cara Lee run through some of the exciting events the student-run Norman Rea Gallery are hosting this month.

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Image Credit: Nicole Fairey

Following the successful launch of the Represent York campaign last month in association with York Anti-Racist Collective Society, the Norman Rea Gallery are continuing to make tracks by bringing some exciting new projects to the York art community. While most things in the art world have come to a standstill for a third time, the campus-based gallery is keeping students informed and engaged while working towards their aim of increasing diversity.

Represent zine

As part of the Represent York campaign which lasts until March, Norman Rea Gallery are creating a one-off zine aptly named Represent. At the heart of the zine is a focus on minority groups, incorporating gender, race, sexuality and religion, with a focus on promoting art by artists whose works are not always at the forefront of gallery culture.

Artists from the recent Change digital exhibition, which launched in summer, are being interviewed again to see how the past few months have shaped their works further.  For more information about the success of Change, follow this link:

Represent is a collective effort by Norman Rea Gallery members, featuring writing, photography, graphic design and artworks by University of York students and societies, digital illustrations by Audrey Byrne and Zaina Mayat, and interviews with artists from the University and beyond.  Emma Pearce, Norman Rea Gallery Treasurer and Curator 2019/20, is interviewed by current Director, Senah Tuma.

Perspective Installation

Launching on Saturday 14 February, Perspective is a temporary exhibition bringing vibrant new art to Campus West.  In times that can be increasingly difficult and lonely, Perspective aims to bring art to students, as a reminder of the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing.  With external galleries being closed, access to art is limited, and the Norman Rea Gallery has had to adapt to the new working environment.  The installation will bring a much needed burst of colour to our (dare we say it - bland!) Campus.  The main focus of the exhibition will be to showcase the work of artists who bring vibrancy and excitement to their work, paired with an understanding of the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Included in the installation are Elliot Harrison’s colourful prints of York, positive affirmations illustrated by Nicola Brighton, and paintings by Louise Hepworth-Wood.

Upcoming events

The Norman Rea Gallery is also hosting a zine workshop on Zoom in the next few weeks.  Additionally, the Gallery and second-year History of Art and Curating Students are collaborating to explore the ideas of female representation within art.  The Gallery’s overall aim for the near future is to commission works of art by local, representative artists to donate to the University art collection as part of their diversification aims.

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