Removing Images from our Archive of Articles

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Image Credit: Nouse/Jonathan Wellington

Regrettably although our immense archive of articles is one of the things that makes Nouse so great it’s also incurring us significant costs as we face legal challenges for use of images. Various bots thrawl through our site in the search for images which are not, as the editor’s who uploaded them thought at the time, free to use. With our bank balance already devastated by the effects of Covid-19 on YUSU causing the withdrawal of our funding we simply can’t afford the risk of keeping historic images on our site unchecked. The Nouse website has over 21,000 articles and for us to even attempt to check through the 203,654 pre-2019 images we're removing today is simply impractical.

It's with this in mind that we have therefore taken the decision to hide all images published previous to the move to our new site in 2019. Hopefully you can understand that this isn't a decision that's been taken lightly.

Importantly none of these images have been deleted and are all still being stored in our filestore and on our content delivery network. If you are looking for a particular article or an image which you took or an article created please get in touch with us below. Tell us which article you're looking at and we should be able to help you find it and get it back on our site quickly.

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