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Brian Terry, YUSU Activities Officer, to resign

Terry is leaving the one-year contracted position due to being "offered long term employment at a stable company"

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After just over half a year in the position, YUSU's Activities Officer, Brian Terry, announced in an email that he was retiring, 'effective immediately', and plans to use his notice period of one month 'to faithfully serve my time out.'

In the email, Terry stated: 'I know many of you will be wondering at this point why I am resigning. My contract is only for one year and I am conscious of the incredibly tough job market due to coronavirus and the recession. I have been offered long term employment at a stable company and so made the difficult decision to take it up over continuing my contract.

I want to say a massive thank you to all of YUSU's staff. Without them, our victories with the return to activity, skills course, storage space and of course, freshers fair, wouldn't have been possible.'

He expressed a closing sentiment about his time as Activities Officer, telling students 'I have said time and again students are the best part of my job and I want to say thank you to everyone who has made the past six months so incredible. It's been rocky to say the least for student groups but you've all risen to the challenge in my view. Well done, I know you made a lot of people smile.'

This is the only information we have thus far regarding the position of Activities Officer, there is no talk yet of replacements for Terry, or any process to find such individuals.

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