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Funding confirmed for Societies in Term 2

Brain Terry, Student Activities Officer, reveals success for the term 2 subvention bid

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Image Credit: Annie Watson

Brain Terry, YUSU's Student Activities Officer, has revealed that YUSU has secured funding for University societies, media groups and sports teams for next term. This news comes as a pleasant surprise to many student groups on campus, as funding for many societies has been cut due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the financial insecurity caused by it.

Funding for events, societies and student support is achieved through subvention bids submitted by YUSU to the University every year. Terry says that “this funding was drastically reduced in term 1”, with YUSU ultimately “sourcing other forms of funding through the YuFund: Kickstart Support Scheme”.

However, on a more optimistic note, Terry has been pleased to announce that the subvention bid for term 2 has been more successful, with funding requests approved.

Terry recognises that: “The high quality, Covid-safe events our groups put on helped us make the case for this funding so I'm glad we'll be able to continue to support them financially in the new year."

Student groups wishing to apply for YUSU funding will be able to begin applications in January, and any money not spent from the KickStart funding in term 1 will be used in terms 2 and 3. More details on how this funding will work will be released in January.

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