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Virtual Winter Roses 2020 announced

In a bid to get students active in lockdown, a less-serious Virtual Winter Roses will take place at the end of this month

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Image Credit: Luke Snell and Lancaster SU (Edited by Malu Aversa and Jonathan Wellington)

After the success of last academic year’s Virtual Roses, which saw York take the lead and over £4000 raised for charity, it has been announced that a Virtual Winter Roses will take place on 27 November.

The announcement was made on the Virtual Roses 2020 Facebook page. However, other than the date of the event, little other information regarding Winter Roses has been communicated as of yet. The post said “events and challenges will be announced over the next few days, but it's Lancashire day so we thought it would be a great excuse to have another competition and get people active.” It would be safe to assume that more information regarding the event will be released soon.

Nouse contacted YUSU Sport President, Maddi Cannell, to see if she could shed some light on the future online event. She told us that the “York Sport Union committee are working on this project as part of the wider #getactive programme we have been running throughout lockdown.

“As a result, this is more about encouraging our clubs and their Lancaster counterparts to come up with some inter-club challenges they could do as a bit of fun before Christmas.” She further commented that this event “is not going to be on the scale of the actual Virtual Roses tournament held earlier in may this year.”

It does, therefore, seem as though Virtual Winter Roses is less of a serious competition between Lancaster and York, but is instead designed to provide an escape from lockdown. Either way - serious or not, virtual or in-person - I think we can all agree that roses will always be white.

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