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A Q&A with Faye Singleton

Alice Manning talks with YouTuber Faye Singleton to discuss how she balances running her channel with life as a student

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Image Credit: Faye Singleton

How did you first get into vlogging?
When I was younger, I used to watch a lot of Zoella vlogs and I wanted to have a try at vlogging. My content then was more “sit down” product reviews or challenges; vlogging just seemed so much more fun!

Can you tell me about your YouTube channel?
Before university, I started creating videos about preparing for university, such as a shopping haul for my future room or Q&As about my UCAS experience. When I saw that these videos were really popular with my viewers, I wanted to pursue that area more. I started vlogging weekly at uni, including uni life Q&As and room tours. Over lockdown, I created content based on my first-year experience aiming to calm the nerves of freshers this year. So now my main focus is uni content – I’m really looking forward to vlogging my second-year life!

Do you feel any responsibility to put out content during a particularly challenging time for students?
I think most people use social media to show how ‘perfect’ their life is, and often it doesn’t show an accurate representation of their lives. I don’t want to conform to those standards, and that’s why I try to be real in my vlogs. I vlogged my first week at University and, being the homesick fresher I was, it wasn’t the best week of my life. I didn’t hide this from my viewers and even included a clip of me upset in my room. I wanted, and still want, my viewers to get a realistic view of life at university – even if that means showing the not-so-great parts.


Could the lifestyle vlogging scene become more competitive, with more of us taking up new hobbies at home?
There is so much content available on YouTube, competition has definitely increased! With more people being at home during the pandemic I can definitely see more people giving vlogging a go. It’s a fun thing to try, and it’s really nice to look back on old videos you’ve made.

Can you see yourself integrating your channel into your future career in any way?
Definitely! I always wanted to be a doctor when I was younger, but since growing my channel and enjoying video making, I’m really stuck between medicine and some sort of social media career. If I can combine the two that would be ideal… just look at Dr. Alex!

What tips would you give for fledgling vloggers?
Enjoy it! Make sure to film yourself doing something you enjoy doing. If you’re enthusiastic and having a fun time on camera, this will rub off on your viewers and they’ll be more likely to come back to future videos. Be confident in what you’re talking about or doing and believe in yourself! It took me so long to build my channel to where it is today. It’s annoying when some videos don’t get the number of views you hope for, but the more you stick at it, the better your channel will do!

Has the pandemic led you to adapt your plans for future content, in terms of the topics you are able to cover?
I found moving away from home for the first time quite difficult so I can’t imagine how hard it must be for people this year. I recently made a video on top tips for reducing homesickness as hopefully, that can be useful to many freshers, especially in the pandemic.

You can find Faye's YouTube channelhere.

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