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Throw yourself into Ultimate Frisbee this term

Blyth McPherson and Dom Smith interview the Ultimate Frisbee team here at York to see how they're coping with the new sport restrictions

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Image Credit: Luke Snell

One sport club at York which hasn’t needed to totally revamp everything it does in order to continue in line with Covid regulations is Ultimate Frisby. Largely, that is down to the sport’s outdoors nature, as well as that it doesn’t require lots of equipment.

Speaking to Nouse Sport, Wellbeing Officer Jaiden Mistry said: “For Ultimate Frisbee, the changes we have to make feel quite minor — such as regularly washing discs (frisbees). The fact that they are so minor has been great as I anticipated the state of frisbee being much worse at this point in time.”

Mistry added that: “The fun and intensity of the game has not left us despite the restrictions. I am looking forward to the community feel of sports in general as that feel was greatly missing over lockdown.

Nouse Sport also spoke with the club’s Welfare Officer, Becky Plummer. On whether the club is taken very seriously by its members, Plummer explained: “It can be as competitive as you want it to be. The sport is self-refereed, which makes it stand out from other sports. You need to respect other players, and if there’s a disagreement you talk between yourselves to sort it out. So, it isn’t super competitive, as sports go!

“We have an Instagram page (@YorkUniUltimate) and a Facebook group, so that’s how people can get involved,” she added.

In terms of training sessions, Plummer stated, “it’s a mixture of [the 22] and the 3G [pitch on Campus West].”

As one of York’s most niche sports, Plummer was keen to mention that first-timers can join the society, and indeed often do.

“I’d never heard of it before Uni. Most people had never played it before Uni. It’s something I joined because I wanted to start a sport that not many people had played before so I wouldn’t make an idiot of myself!”

She also noted that the club currently has “about 40 members.” A number of sport societies have seen their numbers shrink this year, but Plummer hasn’t seen any evidence, saying the club’s freshers’ taster sessions were a success, with many more people turning up than usually would.

It seems University of York Ultimate Frisbee Club is on the rise rather than the retreat.

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