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Lacrosse hit by positive cases

Dom Smith speaks with Women's 1s player Liberty Jones as she explains how Covid-19 has heavily disrupted the team's plans for the year

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The Women’s 1s Lacrosse team have been hit by two positive Covid cases and a number of other members requiring tests and shielding.

Liberty Jones, who plays for the 1s, disclosed to Nouse Sport: “We’ve just had several members of the team test positive for Covid, so we’ve had to suspend training for this week while we figure out what to do next.

“For Women’s Lacrosse, we had two BUCS teams. We would have had matches every Wednesday, training three times a week, as well as socials on top of that.”

Jones wasn’t optimistic about how the year would be affected by the pandemic and insists training will see a “change of mindset.” Rather than being based on areas to improve from previous fixtures and preparing for the next, the team will now be training simply to keep themselves playing each week. In that respect, things are all a bit disjointed.

“There have been mini-leagues set up for each section of the country, and York is one of the only counties for lacrosse that has rejected that. So, we haven’t been able to play in the mini league, which would have been this term in replacement of BUCS.

“So far, we have been given the go-ahead from YUSU to do friendlies. But in reality, a lot of the universities we’ve contacted for friendlies have been having lockdowns in their Unis or experiencing high numbers of students with Coronavirus. The likelihood of many of [the friendlies] going ahead is slim.”

Asked how many matches she predicts the 1s will have before Christmas, Jones wasn’t confident that there will be many opportunities for any of the lacrosse teams to test themselves against other universities for an extended period.

“I think it’s possible that we’d have three or four games, but it’s quite a slim chance. To be fair, England Lacrosse have been so good at organising things for us to do. They’ve organised a mixed league with local universities. It’s still somewhat competitive and it hopefully means we get a few matches in.”

It’s common knowledge that Covid-19 affects everyone, but the impact it is having on team sports at all levels is alarming for players and supporters alike. The Women’s 1s put in a consistently strong showing throughout last academic year, finishing second in Northern Tier 1.

They’ll be hoping to continue their fine form by scheduling friendly fixtures and appearing in local tournaments for what looks like all of the 2020/21 season.

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