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The Art of Storytelling : Voices from the North

Muse’s Arts Editor Elizabeth Walsh runs through the top upcoming events in the Yorkshire Festival Of Story.

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Image Credit: Yorkshire Festival Of Story, 2020

Tales from my Grandmother’s Lips (Headline Event)
Tuesday 18th August 7-8pm

Next week's headline event sees Shonaleigh Cumbers, Yorkshire’s world-renowned tradition-bearer, sharing stories passed down by her grandmother who survived the Holocaust. The event will provide a rare opportunity for the audience to hear ancient Jewish tales that have remained untold for two generations.

Youth of the Rural North
Wednesday 19th August 7-8pm

Hailing from the Yorkshire Dales herself, local photographer and director Juliet Klotrup shares her latest short film Youth of the Rural North. Her documentary captures the portraits and voices of young people living in the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria. Tune in to hear all about Juliet's journey from illustrator to film maker as well as her exploration of the relationship between photography and story.

Uncle Tompa (18+)
Friday 21st August 9-10pm

If you're looking for some light comic relief on a Friday night then look no further. Join Inspirational story-teller Tuup for an entertaining night  discussing all things sex. Stories will include those of a Buddhist monk who can sell a harvest of penises, a woman who forgets her underwear and a sex therapist.

Prayer for the Living (Headline Event)
Saturday 22nd August 7-8pm

Hosted by the Booker Prize-winning author Ben Okri, this is not one to be missed! Okri will share his new collection of twenty-three short stories, blurring the lines between illusion and reality. The stories are set in locations that span the globe from London to the Andes. Just as intriguing are the characters, including a murderer, a detective, and the writer himself. Okri’s playful and shocking tales will leave the audience  well and truly gripped.

Amid the Brave and Strong
Sunday 23rd August 7-8pm

Often overshadowed by her better known sisters Emily and Charlotte, this event looks to rewrite the youngest Brontë sister back into history. As this year marks Anne’s bicentenary, Sue Newby from the Brontë Parsonage takes a look at her achievements.

Words of a Fiddler’s Daughter
Thursday 27th August 7-8pm

Tune in to watch The University of York’s very own Jessie Summerhayes in action. Enjoy a collection of folk-tone-poems interwoven with the music of The Cider House Rebellion. The new three-way collaboration between Jessie and the band encompasses the duo’s existing music but with the added connection of the human voice.

Luca Rutherford’s Political Party
Friday 28th August 7-8pm

Luca looks to debunk the myths complicating politics in an engaging yet informative way. After feeling overwhelmed herself, she aims to make politics easier to digest. No experts and no big words. Her show is about getting messy with the messiness of politics, all while throwing a party.

Dame Jenni Murray in Conversation (Headline Event)
Saturday 29th August 7-8pm

Another Yorkshire-born yet world-renown icon is none other than Dame Jennie Murray. In this event she will  be discussing her book  A History of the World in 21 Women , her life in broadcasting, and her brand new book Fat Cow, Fat Chance: The Science and Psychology of Size.

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