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What's On: March-April

Sam Campbell gives a rundown of what to look forward to in live music

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Term is almost over; student loans are waning, and vitamins levels are dangerously low. But if you still have the funds/blood-sugar levels/will to live necessary to attend a musical gathering, then see the list below for what you can get down to in these apocalyptic times — assuming we're not all in quarantine by the end of the month.

13 March - Sweaty Palms, The Black Lagoons, Perspex @ The Crescent
Glasgow garage-rockers Sweaty Palms are on a UK tour, and will bless the boards of the Crescent with their presence this Friday. Support comes from local psych outfit the Black Lagoons, and post-punk jingle-janglers Perspex. This is a very strong lineup and any infidels who do not attend will be shunned.

21 March - Pizzafest 3 @ The Fulford Arms
Garage, psych, punk, pizza, sludge, noise, blues. You get the gist. This bill features a slew of artists including the 4 gal outfit Thee Girl Fridays, York's most powerful and matrimonially bound duo Snakerattlers, and Sheffield's very own Surf Muscle among others. Apparently there is free pizza included, too.

21 March - Escape Club @ The Crescent
After filling your boots with oodles of 'za at the Fulford Arms, why not head down to the Crescent to jive throughout the night? Escape Club provide a night of indie, dance and alt bangers which is, in their own words, 'Flares with more flair, Kuda with more Kudos, the Salvation to York's cheesy club nights.'

26 March - The Sambroso All Stars Perform: Buena Vista Social Club @ The Crescent
A bunch of virtuoso Cuban musicians play the best music from the best documentary ever made. Need I say any more? To turn down such a joyous thing in these times would be masochism.

4 April - Bull, SeCrEt SpEcIaL GuEsTs, Blue Bendy, Moreish Idols @ The Shacklewell Arms, London
If you're heading home over the easter break and happen to be one of those southern yuppies who colonise York from your great big castles in the capital, then why not make this show your break from gentrifying every vestige of urbanised space, instead of chilling out in the jacuzzi and supping champagne. Bull are the best band not only in York but the world, and you would be a fool to miss them in such a groovy watering hole as the Shacklewell Arms.

10 April - Janus Stark, Garrow Hill, Stand Alone, Boss Caine @ The Fulford Arms
Former Prodigy and Steve Ignorant guitarist Gizz Butt has reformed his melodic punk outfit, recently coming out with a new album, Angel in the Flames. Expect lots of energy and even more hooks if you make it down.

28 April - Willie J Healey, Wunderhorse @ The Crescent
I really like the press shot for this gig: Willie looks serene, cross-legged and barefooted, bearing a very large flower. It's how I imagine myself on a very good day. But until we reach serenity, we have Willie's dreamy slacker tunes to look forward to next term.

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