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£5.95m received in donations for University groups

YuFund has donated £5.95m to York's societies

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Research by Nouse has revealed the University’s earnings from charitable donations from friends and alumni.

York received around £5.95 million last year, with large donations on the rise. This is a record figure compared to the previous four years. This will come as good news to York’s over 200 societies and sports clubs, many of whom have received large donations from York’s well-known support service, YuFund.

YuFund is the principle way for societies to access the funds the University receives from fundraising, and the service has benefited student media several times over the last few years.

Encouragingly, fundraising this year already totals an impressive £1.83 million, although the University did not make clear whether this figures is for the academic year, or the normal one: either would put fundraising ahead of targets.

YuFund has awarded £417,018.81 over the past five years to exactly 200 societies and other campus groups.
Donation allocation occurred over 11 rounds, and although the amount offered can vary wildly depending on the equipment that has been applied for; the average donation is £2,085.

With student representation a key element of YuFund’s consideration for applications, large societies, or societies that benefit significant parts of University life, are given the lion’s share of funds. One of such societies is CHMS (pictured). YuFund is the University’s grant system for initiatives that benefit students. It is typically funded through small donations by alumni through cold-calling service YuCall, and other avenues.

It is a sister programme to YuStart, a crowdfunding platform designed for student groups to solicit money for projects directly from York’s pool of alumni. Two of the largest allocations included annual support too. First is the Travel Bursary Awards Programme within York’s Global Programmes Department (£5,000 each year for three years).
The Programme awards students looking to travel abroad with sums of up to £500 after a short application process and interview. It has also received support from Santander, the York Society, YuFund, the Nancy Richards Fund and the Beaumanoir-Hart Fund.

The second annual beneficiary from YuFund is the York Sport Union Performance Programme. The programme is allocated £10,000 on an annual basis, with a review every four years. It benefits York’s most promising student athletes by providing support services that include strength and conditioning work, education on sports, science, and discounted medical sessions: all key components of preparing University teams for Roses later this year, and College Varsity against Durham last weekend.

Many of the largest contributions from YuFund have gone towards fuelling York’s sporting success, in spite of Lancaster’s higher sport budget.

Two investments totalling £12,405 were paid to develop the ‘YorActive Trail’. The trail is a little-known 5km run route stretching between York’s Campus West Sports Centre, and Heslington East’s Sport Village. The trail includes a variety of resistance and cardio stations to improve user fitness along the way. Roses media received £5,296 in 2019 for coverage of the event. Additionally, the library has bagged a whopping £8,388 contribution for its ‘Alumni Wall’.

The most generous contribution in 2019, alongside substantial sums allowed for Derwent squash courts, the Hockey Society, and York Vision, was the £5,772 allowed to Nouse. Funds have allowed the society to produce several supplements, as well as completely replacing all five of our aged PCs, some of which dated back to 2008.
Nouse hopes that by highlighting the many contributions the service has made to student life over the past five years, more clubs will be able to benefit from its generous help.

We contacted the University for a comment regarding donations and their representative told us:

“The high volume of small donations received over the last year is due to the successful public launch of our first ever institutional philanthropic campaign,  York Unlimited. The Campaign has encouraged record numbers of alumni, staff, students and members of the local community giving to projects and charitable funds at the university.”
“YuFund exists entirely thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends and it is one of the oldest funds to which donors give at the university.
“YuFund provides grants to innovative and worthwhile projects run by students clubs and societies, departments and colleges. Like some of our other scholarship funds, including the Equal Access Scholarships, Opportunity Scholarships and York Futures Scholarships, the success of YuFund is down to a large group of donors collectively giving to support our students.

“Alongside YuFund we provide students with the opportunity to pursue all important extra-curricular activities through our dedicated student crowdfunding platform, YuStart”.

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