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Diversity forum launched by YUSU

Giang Nguyen has plans to decolonise the curriculum

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YUSU Academic Officer, Giang Nguyen, has announced plans to hold an event centred around her aims to decolonise the curriculum here at the University of York.

The event is currently scheduled for Friday 13 March, and will act as a key marker of progress for Nguyen’s manifesto on which she was elected during last year’s YUSU elections.

Speaking to Nouse about the event, Nguyen said: “I want diversifying and liberating York to be everyone’s top priorities, regardless of what they have come to York for.”

“By opening a Forum like this, and by going the extra mile to appeal to students using strong evidence (as the statistics I used in the Sabbs in Short shows) and different forms of communication I hope to reach out to more students, hence improving our transparency.”

Nguyen has been very outspoken on the matter of academic diversification, previously writing a Sabbs in Short piece titled ‘Diverse York’, on which she reported to us extremely positive feedback that, “there are a good number of students, both from the BAME and outside of the BAME community, reaching out to me to be part of the campaign, some of them even thank me for raising [the issues publicly] because it hasn’t properly crossed their mind until they read the statistics.”

The aim of this new forum is to set about building an inclusive academic community, and in conclusion Nguyen told us that: “building an inclusive York has always been what my predecessors and many of my previous officers have been working on, yet, not until this year that the University starts to be fully on board with this, hence it is a prime time to really push for it."

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