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Campus Facilities Recover After Tough Autumn Term

York Sport Union and YUSU successfully respond to recent facility difficulties

With less than three weeks to go until the much anticipated College Varsity on Sunday 1 March, last weekend marked the first stage of an exciting build up, as a variety of college teams battled it out in a bid to become top seed for the finals against Durham.

York is currently ranked 39th in BUCS which is the highest the university has been placed in the last four years.

The women’s sports teams have been performing especially well, with an individual ranking of 35th overall. York Sport President Maddi Cannell believes that we are in fact “on track to achieve higher than 39th” which is an exciting prospect as we look towards the Lancaster Roses in summer term.

Alongside the efforts of sports clubs and athletes themselves, York Sport Union and YUSU have also been working hard to make a number of improvements to campus facilities that will hopefully contribute to enhanced performance throughout the rest of the season.

One particularly notable improvement that has been made recently is the development and instalment of a new drainage system on 22 acres. AirSpade uses a technique that blows compressed air into the ground and fractures the compacted ground, which allows water to drain away through the soil.

This has proved quite an ingenious and effective new feature used to preserve and maintain the pitches, as no games were cancelled as a result of surface-water flooding.

Another great new result has emerged with regards to storage. After almost six months of work surveying student groups, gathering data and a series of long discussions with the University Estates team, there is some good news to report with regards to increased storage opportunities for campus clubs and student groups.

From now on, any student group is able to apply for storage space in the Old Unity Health Building which can be found next to the Exhibition Centre.

Student Union officers, Ollie Martin, Samara Jones and Maddi Cannell confirmed this week that they are yet to finalise all the details before allowing students to make the most of this new facility, but things should all be confirmed within the next few weeks.

It should be noted that this is only a temporary solution to address the demand for more storage space, but the Student Union team are continuing to work with the Estates team to ensure permanent storage is available for student groups to occupy on a more permanent basis.

Make sure to keep checking Nouse's social media and the York Student's Union page for more updates and information as these discussions continue.

Despite this weekend witnessing one of the UK’s worst storms in seven years, which sadly seems to have undone some of the remarkable progress made after the instalment of the AirSpade, there was no rain on Varsity qualifier weekend’s parade or the numerous impressive performances of our college teams.

Men's and Women's Football qualifiers still went ahead on Sunday 9 February, albeit in very windy conditions.

There are currently thirteen sports seeded for Varsity, with Men's Rugby still waiting to play their final this week.

With Qualifiers complete, the focus now shifts to the athletes and their captains to work hard in preparation for taking on last year’s Varsity victors, Durham, on Sunday 1 March.

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