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Christian Union holds week long event

Various talks on the 'big questions' of life are due to take place

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The University of York Christian Union is running a week of events outside Heslington Church from the 3rd February to the 7th. The event is called One: An Undivided Life and involves a variety of talks and opportunities for free food.

The week will involve a free lunch bar 1-2pm followed by a talk, an afternoon cafe with a chance for discussion with members of the Union and an evening talk from a different guest each night.

Each night is themed with a different topic for students to consider with the weeks main focus being on divisions within our society and how religion can be used to explore them.

Wednesday’s focus will be ‘One Love’, whilst Thursday will look at why society is dependent on mobile phones. The guest speakers include individual stories from a range of backgrounds, including a former football player, a worker from the International Justice Mission and a University of York student.

The Christian Union has stressed that the event is primarily for students who may not have spent much time considering religion in the past and the event, therefore, puts on a platform for people to explore questions that perhaps have not been considered before.

Kate Anderson, a Christian Union member described why the event is important as, “often we give time to care about little things in our daily lives but we don’t often give time for big questions such as the ones being discussed this week.”

This event has become annual for the Christian Union, however this year sees its move from the Vanbrugh Bowl to a marquee on the Church field outside Heslington Hall. The Union believes this provides a more friendly atmosphere, which is their main aim.

This year’s event is already proving to be a success with an estimated 150 people visiting the tent on Tuesday, many of which had no prior links to the Union.

Religion is often something students struggle to find relatable, even if they have been brought up in a religious background and consequently the Union at the University of York see themselves as attempting to ‘fight the past’.

When approached by Nouse, the President of the Christian Union, Zach Powell stated that:

“For many students there are lots of barriers before university. Even if non-religious students don’t necessarily agree with what’s said, they would at least enjoy the event which would then, in turn remove some of those barriers.”

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