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MP’s vote that government is not required to negotiate full membership of Erasmus

MPs in the House of Commons yesterday voted by 344 votes to 254 against new clause 10 being read a second time.

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The new clause, if passed would have required the UK Government to seek to negotiate continued full membership of the EU’s Erasmus scheme. It would also have obliged the government to seek continued full access to EU education and youth programmes.

In 2017 over 17,000 UK students participated in Erasmus. And while the vote doesn’t mean that the UK won’t be a full member of Erasmus after Brexit, it does mean that the government will not be forced to seek this arrangement. The MP who tabled the motion, Layla Moran, said “the Erasmus scheme has been absolutely incredible” and that that voting for the clause should have been a “no-brainer”.

The University of York has continuously thrown its support behind remaining in such study abroad schemes. In 2019 the former Acting Vice Chancellor and all five YUSU sabbs signing an open letter calling for study abroad funding to be guaranteed. Currently participation and funding of Erasmus is guaranteed until 2021 . However, with this clause being dropped the future of Erasmus is once again unknown.

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