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Thor's Tipi: A York Christmas market essential

Lucy Cooper checks out the icon of York's Christmas market

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One Monday evening, I walked into the York Christmas Market with my fellow food and drink editor, ready to sample some of the finest festive goods Yorkshire has to offer. Unfortunately, the market closes at 6pm on a Monday and we had decided to go for an evening jaunt at 7:30pm. Distraught, we were met with closed up huts and an eerily quiet street.

Luckily, Thor’s Tipi will always promise a warm drink, open until 11pm 7 days a week. We stepped inside, greeted by a rush of warmth from the indoor fire pit, and a hubbub unbeknown to the deserted pavement a few metres away.

There is a distinct excitement in Thor’s every time I visit. It is always full of couples and groups of friends wrapped up in several layers, determined to make the most of the Christmassy installation to Parliament Square. If you’re not a fan of a fighting for a seat, this isn’t the place for you- with crowds almost constant, even when the market itself is winding down. Nevertheless, when you manage to find a spot to sit, it is certainly worth it. The golden jewel of Thor seating is the fire pit in the middle, keeping you nice and warm as you try and avoid looking through the flames at the couple making out in the seat opposite you.


The drinks on offer are fairly extensive, with the signature ones being their mulled drinks and hot chocolates. The mulled wine is fairly classic- and you can get them in all corners of the York market, but it is worth purchasing here to enjoy in the surroundings. I opted for a salted caramel mulled cider, a sweet treat that came in a cute little metal mug, with a slice of apple bobbing on the top. I really enjoyed it at first, but beware- it gets pretty sickly, and when it starts to cool down it doesn’t quite have the same attraction.
My friend went for a classic hot chocolate, which came with an impressive swirl of whipped cream. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of options to upgrade your hot chocolate, with a multitude of exciting flavours like gingerbread and salted caramel. However, there is quite a leap in price for these! If you are feeling bougie, they have an array of cocktails and other alcoholic drinks like prosecco and gin, so perhaps a good place to bring the paying parents when they visit!

There is certainly an attraction to Thors. As one of the few places in the market where you can really sit down and enjoy the drinks, it has to be an essential on the list of places to visit. The cosy feel really makes it into a worthwhile spot. However, the crowds mean you can never truly relax, as someone is normally always eyeing up your seat, and the drinks come at quite a price. Nevertheless, you can’t disagree that Thor’s is an iconic part of York’s Christmas scene.

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