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Editor's review: Ranking every mince pie in Tesco

Our food and drink editor gives a comprehensive look at the mince pie offerings in Tesco

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Image Credit: Lucy Cooper

As term starts to wind down, and the shops become decked with Christmas trees, it can only mean one thing. Mince pie season is finally upon us. To help you through the next few weeks, we tried every mince pie on Tesco's assortment, so you don't have to.

Finest All Butter Pastry Mince Pies with Courvoiser VS Cognac
For the additional price, these mince pies are not worth the upgrade. On first bite, it was evident that the case was half full, an instant red flag. When I was finally able to get some filling, there were some crunchy bits in it, which confused the texture. You can certainly taste the alcohol and, while it sometimes seems a bit overpowering, there is something comforting about that distinctly Christmas flavour. The size of this pie was impressive, but was almost too big, becoming quite sickly by the end. Definitely not worth the Finest price. 4/10


Lattice Topped Mince Pies
This was a very average mince pie. It was just the right size, and looked nice, although the dusting of sugar on top felt a little unnecessary - both in terms of looks and taste. There was a nice thick wall of pastry, but despite this fact there was a lot of filling, which wasn’t particularly special in itself. Altogether it worked ok. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a funny after taste, and there was a slight tang of salt throughout. Thus, I would rate it 5/10.


All Butter Crumble Topped Mince Pie with Courvoiser VS Cognac
I was very excited about this mince pie, looking promising through the plastic window of the box. However, this pie took me completely by surprise. Firstly, it doesn’t come in a case, a rogue choice which somewhat reduces its mobility and use as a lunch box snack. Secondly, the crumble was the main attraction, completely overpowering the mincemeat filling. In fact, you could only really taste the crumble top throughout, and there was very little space for any filling. Although the icing sugar on top was a nice thought, it doesn’t rescue these premium mince pies from a very average 6/10.


Mince Pie
This is the classic mince pie of Tesco’s assortment, and it certainly fulfilled that brief. The filling was tasty and filled the case well. The pastry definitely benefited from the butter enrichment, tasting very soft and rich. A star on top made these mince pies incredibly Instaworthy, and the sugar on top worked well. 7/10


Iced Mince Pie
This was the mince pie I was most excited about, and they did not disappoint. The pastry was perfectly soft, almost crumbling in my hand, and the inside filling was the perfect amount. None of the flavours were too overpowering; everything was well balanced in this mouthful of joy. The iced top made a nice change to the typical mince pie and made it a perfect cross between a bakewell tart and a mince pie. These will be my choice mince pie for the future. 10/10


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