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D-Bar set to host combat sports thriller

University of York MMA and Boxing club set to close the sporting term with a big fight night

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Image Credit: University of York MMA club

D-BAR IS SET TO HOST the first big fight night of the academic year on November 23. Both boxing and K1 kickboxing will be showcased in what will be an explosive night of combat sports. It will consist of four boxing fights and five K1 kickboxing fights. Given how assumptions would generally fall in line with boxing being the more popular sport, this night will hopefully be a good chance to show off the slightly more niche kickboxing.

The standard will be very high, with only fighters who have been a member of the club since the beginning of 2019 or have had at least six months boxing experience prior to coming to the University.

Roses 2019 showcased boxing’s return after a four year absence from the tournament and was one of the best nights of the whole Roses period, with numerous wins from York fighters. Hendrix Hall was the chosen venue at the time and proved to be a fantastic event, generating real hype for Roses being on the Wednesday before. The event is being held by the University of York MMA club in partnership with the Boxing club, who have regularly collaborated on events. The tickets are a very reasonable £7 on the YUSU website and are available now, so act quickly as this will be a very busy night, with D-bar likely to be packed to capacity.

The event will also be in support of some great charities and UOY Boxing club president Matt Butters highlighted this to me in his comment on why people should come down to the event. The charities he informed me of were “York Mind, which helps provide mental health services in the York area, and the charity fund for Patrick Day, a boxer who tragically lost his life in the ring after suffering severe brain trauma.” Day’s death marks the fourth in 2019, a terrifying prospect. He was knocked unconscious in a fight against Charles Cornwell and four days later, he died.

A question was of course called to the safety of the sport, however, boxing as a sport is taken very seriously, especially by the MMA and Boxing club shown in regards to eligibility for the night. This shows both clubs’ commitment to contributing to lessening the dangers which come with a combat sport, while also trying to highlight the talent and skill of their respective fighters.

The night is guaranteed to portray the talent which fighters from the University have to offer, given how boxing specifically train at least three times a week with sessions regularly being held at Legions gym in York.

The event comes in line with a big few months for boxing; KSI and Logan Paul’s rematch was at the Staples centre. Considering how both men were youtubers and have now transformed to professional licensed boxers, it is pretty unbelievable how much attention they attracted. The fight actually topped Anthony Joshua’s last fight in terms of viewership, showing how a whole new audience of boxing fans was reached.

Hopefully similar fans can be attracted in York to support those on fight night. The event has already generated lots of attention on social media, with 353 people already responding to the Facebook event. Make sure to get yourself down to D-bar on 23 November to watch a great night of combat sports.

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