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Review: A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Raquel Bartra reviews Aardman Studio's latest stop-motion animation film that reminds us of the power of visual comedy

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Image Credit: StudioCanal

Directors: Will Becher & Richard Phelan
Starring: Andy Nyman, Justin Fletcher, Joe Sugg
Running time: 1hr 26mins
Rating: U

Aardman has done it once again with Shaun the Sheep’s latest flick Farmageddon. The silent film follows the story of Shaun as he helps a cute, little alien return home, and it is as epic as Stephen Spielberg’s ET. Crammed with nods and references to the greatest sci-fi films and series, Farmageddon is beautifully made and for all audiences.

The film begins when the sheep are being forbidden from doing anything fun by Bitzer, the dog. On his last attempt to keep his herd entertained, Shaun orders some pizza. But the boxes arrive with an unexpected guest: Lu-la. Lu-la is a charming alien with the capacity to imitate sounds - something very clever for film with no dialogue - and telekinesis. Like in ET, they go on a fun journey in which Lu-la explores Earth and eventually returns home. In the background, Shaun’s farmer devises a fair-ground to exploit the alien conspiracy going around in their town after the Lu-la’s sighting.

As with all stop-motion animations, Farmageddon preserves the magic and craft that comes with making them, making this film beautiful to watch. The fact that there is no dialogue also helps us remind the fact that cinema is pictures before words, and the team at Aardman keeps demonstrating this time and time again. Films, dialogue or not, animated or live-action, should really be taking cues from films like Farmageddon and learning how to craft better visual comedy.

Overall, Farmageddon is a wonderful film. Even though we have definitely seen it before and it is definitely a combination of numerous sci-fi films and series, seeing it in such a format keeps it fresh and extremely enjoyable.

Editor's note: This film was screened at City Screen York

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