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NUS Ten Point Plan

NUS' new Plan of Action to create a "fairer, more prosperous society."

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LAST WEEK THE NUS published their first ever plan of ac-tion for this academic year which outlines the union’s campaign for 2019/2020. The plan was finalised in September and has ten points which cover the three key areas of transforming education, making education more accessible to society and breaking down barriers to succeeding in education. A member of the full-time officer team will work with a variety of NUS officers, NUS staff, student union members and students themselves to head up each campaign area.

The priority campaign in the ten point plan is a national education service which will include student and education funding as well as marketisation and regulation. Accessibility for all students is clearly a main theme within the plan as the ten points include affordable housing, transport and healthcare for students. There is also a focus on helping minority groups within education as NUS want to ensure disabled students thrive in all areas and that transphobia in education is eradicated. Combatting sexual harassment in education is also an area that will be targeted.

In addition to these points, NUS’ political agenda for the up-coming year appears in the plan with an aim to abolish Prevent- the controversial counter- terrorism scheme introduced by the government in 2003 which is considered by critics to be counter productive due to its nature of reporting students before they can be radicalised. Similarly, NUS wish to stop a No Deal Brexit in an aim to improve the lives of international students.

The Plan of Action is shaped around the vision of NUS to empower students and create a “fairer, more prosperous society.” The plan will help NUS’ reform preparations in two separate organisations; one for campaigning and one for student union development. Last term, YUSU voted to remain in the NUS with 60.1 per cent of the vote in favour. With an estimated membership of 600 student unions across the country, NUS UK hopes to continue to improve education and society through its members.

When speaking to fellow NUS members following the publication of the plan, NUS National President, Zamzam Ibrahim said: “We’ve been working hard to pull all our collective thoughts and ideas together, along with the priorities of officers on campuses, and the concerns of students up and down the UK. While our external environment is somewhat turbulent, and continues to be uncertain, we’ve still been able to launch a priority campaign focused on delivering a sustainable, accessible, life-long, funded solution to our broken education system and our biggest ever annual voter registration campaign for young people, that’s already showing results.

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